Just read the article on him AKA Lattimer and was just wondering how he's looked in practice. Does he have a real shot at knocking off Mariuz and if he does should we just go with 1 canuk on defence? That seems to be the CFL trend nowadays and IMO the reason offences has been on the decline each year.

Personally I don't see Mariuz as a starter. I've seen him play, at Mac and in Toronto.

While I don't know anything about any of the other LB's we have, I won't say who should be starting because I don't know any of the other guys we have.

All I will say is I have seen Mariuz play enough to know he is good special teams player and a decent backup, but, not a starter IMO.

I felt the same way about Barrenechea a MLB when he was made the starter.

I want the best player we have at Will, and I just don't think that is Mariuz.

Mariuz is too slow and not definitely not strong enough to be a starter.

Mariuz gets knocked back 4 yards every time he gets hit. Not good enough IMO.


However, whether or not the ratio allows the Cats to play another import at LB is a different matter though.

An Argo-Cat fan

If he can play they'll fined him a spot.

Yep, switch to a 3-4 defence.

If the D line has the size and the LB's the ability then I'm all for that.

I believe Mariuz is the most underrated Canadian player in the league.

He will be fine. He had 14 tackles in two games when he took over for Armour.

Why would they fine him exactly? I think you meant find..

what about James Kinney? how is he looking?