Sisco a Rider

Honestly, I’m very surprized, considering how strong we are at the receiver position

Nothing against Sisco, but I hate this pick.

Allen (DB), and Steele (DT), still on the board and they would have filled bigger needs, and were ranked as better overall prospects. If we needed another WR prospect, Gore should have been the guy. Gore will be a difference maker in the league, where as Sisco will be just another “guy”.

PR move.

I’m not overly impressed with Taman’s offseason to date - but I shouldn’t judge until we see the product on the field.

im shocked at how many players are being picked that werent in the top 10.

grant shaw?

the db to edmonton?

the red shirt kids from ncaa.

weird. man. very weird.

I would love to have been a fly on the wall in each of the team's war-rooms. There would have been some interesting conversations.

They probably were very high on Sisco which led to the trade of Nicolson. It wasn't who I thought they were going to take, but he likely fills Nicolson's spot on the roster, and we'll see Mckoy cut or traded.

Actually, I would expect the opposite: McKoy in Nicolson's spot and Sisco on the PR. I don't think management considered this a "better make the roster or you're out draft. They are picking this guy for the year after next kind of thing, not a right now kind of thing. They are patient. Why is there so much expectation that if you are drafted in the early rounds, you have to be on the roster or it was a failure??

Having said that, if McKoy doesn't shine in TC, he is gone. I know it's been a string of injuries but enough is enough soon.

You may be right, legalbeagle...this may be McKoy's last chance to impress.

So far the majority of people are basing their disappointment in drafting Sisco on Duane Forde and the CFL Top 10 or 15.
Who cares about the Top 15?!?!?! Yes it is a good list but the fact that Sisco wasn't ranked within the Top 15 once all year is ridiculous, especially considering he was invited to the Colts mini-camp and the Shrine Bowl, drafted No. 8 overall - ahead of all other receivers - and dominated his conference all season more spectacularly than any other CIS receiver.

I know for a fact that Forde prefers to promote Eastern players because he spends FAR more time watching them and talking to them all year long than he does with players such as Sisco.

Sisco is only 0.1 or 0.15 seconds slower than every other receiver in the draft, he has WITHOUT DOUBT the best hands and his toughness is unmatched among CIS receivers, yet players like Gore, Turner, and Watson are soooo much better? I don't bloody think so.

Sisco is far more likely to succeed - whether we have 10 good WRs and SBs or not - than Taureen Allen (No. 13 overall) or Eddie Steel (No. 22 overall). Plus, why do we need a young DT any more than Sisco? It is far easier to get a receiver playing time - even if we already have 100 GREAT ones - than a player like Steel (who would be competing with staples inside such as Adams, Schologan, and Mullinder).

Sisco was the best player available and guaranteed he would have been drafted very, very soon had the Riders not... probably by LaPolice in WPG.

Remember when the Riders missed the best years of Jason Clermont's career and everyone bitched and moaned? Sisco may not have as quick of an impact as Clermont did or be as impressive statically, but Sisco will surely be better instantly than McCoy, Nicolson, Quinn, Chris Jones - even TSN's precious Ralph Brothers - and the Jason Clermont of today.

Finally, Sisco will be a stud on Special Teams, something none of the other receivers in the draft can say.

All this considered, Sisco was the best pick. And I didn't even have to pull the "Home Town Boy" card.


wow man u are over hyping this kid way to much.

asking for disapointment.

fact is, he's a prospect right now and hasnt proven crap.

will he? only time will tell.

How am I over hyping him? When I said he was better than three other, less proven CIS receivers? Which he is, in fact, better statistically.

Or was is when I said he was better than Nicolson... who did nothing... or David McCoy... who has yet to do anything... or ....??????

If you've seen him play, you'd know I'm right.

mm hmmm.

I like how YOU are the guy pointing out over-hyping guys.

You created the concept. In fact, when somebody does it from now on, I'm gonna say "Hey, you're killering that guy!"

wow you're a piece of work man.

how many times do i have to say i have no clue who any of these guys are.

i dont pretend to know who any of these guys are

CIS? i dont watch it. can i even? is it even on tv?

I think the odd time it is on. Often Eastern teams though. I watch the odd Huskie game. Other than that, I don't know who any of these guys are either.