Sirius Radio Coverage of the CFL

Does anyone know if Sirius will be covering the CFL again this year? They are listed as a broadcaster but there is no link to a schedule provided. On Friday I sent an e-mail to Sirius asking about coverage and their reply was that “closer to the season I check in with the website for details.” Closer to the season? Isn’t preseason close enough?

Any help would be great as CFL coverage is one of the main reasons I purchased satellite radio.


I am the same. Single most disappointing thing about my Sirius. I bought it for the CFL coverage. They have logos all over the field during games, yet the coverage is terrible.

I cant say Im suprised. I dont think anyone knows much anywhere about what goes on.

thanks for the heads up. I currently have an XM and was thinking about getting a Sirius too for the CFL/NFL coverage. This is a knock against Siruis if the CFL coverage sucks.

I just visited the Sirius webpage and was thrilled to discover that they will be broadcasting every CFL game this year! I'm very happy. Still not sure why they couldn't tell me in the answer to my inquiry e-mail but perhaps they do not want to divulge scheduling plans until they have officially been posted on the website. For those with Sirius radio, channels 97 and 98 will broadcast the games and there is a schedule up to the end of August posted. Yay!