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no thanks

I have XM satellite radio & really wish we could have the CFL on there too!!!!


Well, if you can't get the CFL on your satellite radio, and you have a computer with internet access, you can always surf to the websites of radio stations who carry host broadcasts for the various teams. I know for the Argos, you can catch them on: and I think the Bombers are on:

Has anyone noticed that the safeway touchdown to win is giving away XM radios when the CFL is under an agreement with Sirius? I find this very strange. CFL advertising SIRIUS but a contest giving away the competitors radios. I think something should be done about that

lol... now that is funny. I admit I never noticed. You are 100% right. Sirius will not be happy when they notice.

Well it not the CFL doing it but one of their sponsors. Not much Sirius can do about it

so is there no wy to enforce blackouts for webcasts?? seems like a good way to see the game if you can't make it to the real one.

This site has WAY too many stickies... this being one of them.

no not really

Here it is here :smiley:

I would like to know why all the weekly games are not broadcast on Sirius? I mean there is only a maximum of four! The CFL should look into this so that people away from tv's or out of home radio broadcasts (ie. on vacation other than Canada or not able to go to a bar because of kids) can enjoy the games!, with eight teams in the league there are only ever a maximum of four games per week....

The CFL is the only pro sport where I would like to see the players get paid more. Are there firm plans to expand cfl within Canada 10 teams would be nice.

XM and serius are merging

either way, they are not obligated to abide by any agreements that the CFL has with XM or anyone else.

Where do I find the CFL on my sirius dial?