SIRIUS coverage sucks

I've gotta say, I'm really disappointed to see that sirius doesn't broadcast all the games. The is the reason I got this instead of XM. Like someone else said. there are only 4 games per week. How hard could it be???

yep, it doesn't make any sense not to broadcast all the games. Their service is practically useless if they don't. You have to wonder about their real commitment to the CFL?

give it another season.....Im sure in thime they will broadcast more games

hey can get it for free why pay for the radio....

...because you can't always be in front of a TV. I'm going camping tomorrow, and would love to at least listen to the Leo's game...well, at least I can record it on my PVR and watch it when I get home on Sunday...

Once again, why pay for it if you can get it for free?

CKST Vancouver Flagship Station (TEAM 1040AM)
CFAX Victoria (1070 AM)
CKOV Kelowna (630 AM)
CHNL Kamloops (610 AM)
CJNL Merritt (1230 AM)
CINL Ashcroft/Cache Creek (1340 AM)
CHNL -1 Clearwater (1400 AM)
CHNL-FM Sorrento/Shuswap (107.1 FM)
CHNL Logan Lake (106.7 FM)
CKDV Prince George (99.3 FM- “The Drive?)
CKMK MacKenzie (1240 AM)
CFNR Terrace/Thornhill (92.1 FM)
CFNR Kitimat/Nass Valley/Queen Charlotte Islands (96.1 FM)
CFNR Prince Rupert (98.1 FM)

Ah, but what if I am going camping in Ontario? See, I'm a Ti-Cats fan, BUT I would listen to ANY game I could. Satellite radio would give me that option. In addition, I drive taxi for a living and some nights I'm on the road in Kitchener. I could listen to the Ontario teams just fine, but not Montreal or BC etc etc. Sirius needs to do ALL the games.