Siren was used to disrupt play and it was from stadium staff

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Turns out they were using something Thursday
I've been away for a few days... but I was reading on the Rider's pay-forum that the Riders were employing a new, electronic sound thingy when the visiting team was on offence for last week's game.
I didn't make Thursday's game so I didn't hear it and to be honest... I didn't notice it on TV. I'm not sure whether it was used illegally or not... but if it makes you all feel any better... the thread on the Rider's pay-forum is about as long as this one speaking out against it.
Apparently, this is the first game it was brought in and it may be the last based on the backlash from Rider fans. Rider fans have a strong desire to be the best 13th man in the league and when teams use this garbage it implies that the fans aren't loud enough on their own. Doesn't sit well with those who were there screaming their hearts out.

Will keep you posted if a statement from the team comes out of this backlash.

That is funny one supposed riders fan comes out and says it is piped noise. That is laughable....considering they showed the guy on TV.....Calgary fans really should stop making up stories it isn't good for the team image.

Appears there are many fans on the riders pay site that verify this pay your fee and look for yourself.

I gotta say 05.
I find it kinda hard to believe that a rider( or any other fan for that matter) would go to the stamps site and post that.

funny how we tend to stray outside our realm? I think the stamps are a great team and I appreciate what the fans have 2 say! good/bad/or ugly! as long as there is tastefulness y not?

A Siren?? What kind of Siren?? I didn't hear anything from my side of the field... :?

piped in noise I don't think so have you ever heard our PA system I can assure you if there was dentists would have been replacing alot of filings it is so outa sink its laughable
I do tho remember calgary putting speakers down on the field to make more noise for apposing team this is also laughable that your sorry I mean priders gave you your only sell out so far this year youll need lots more practice to keep up with rider fans

it was clear as bell on tv.....

This fellow has been on the Stamp site for some years and is a rough rider supporter Ro! This is not a case of one post wonder. As you can see 105 posts.

Just maybe you should put your hearing aide on! LOL This subject is about the Taylor field and a rider fan mentyioning they were stadium was trying out a new siren and that it was used during the offensive plays for the Stamps. Also mentioned if you did read it is hotly debated on the riders pay site why is that?

Pauz is a rider fan not a Stamp fan. Mike there is no need to bury your head in the sand and say it did not happen yet it is hotly debated on the rider pay site.

I work with the sound guy at Taylor field, there was no funny business.

Sure you are! And I am James Bond!

If I'm reading this right then what you are saying is that the Riders are cheating.

Hmmmmm? 6&0 & they start cheating....OIC we probably have been cheating all along.

Sorry but I don't believe it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it didn't happen (I don't know for sure) but I am saying that I for one do not believe it happened. Yes I heard it on TV I even watched the game twice & I do not remember it to be on every play as some have stated.

As far as a Rider fan going to a Stamps forum on a regular basis & making 105 posts. That is more believable, however I would rather believe that it is a Stamps fan posing as a Riders fan making these posts and statements.

Either way it sounds like a troubled individual.

I hate to say it but he is a rider fan through and through. The thing about Pauz is he is an honest one not in denial.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

This is a joke right?

Sorry child, that is just how loud it gets at Mosaic!

I can also verify that Mr Connery (pseudo name) does work with the sound guy. I actually have photos to prove it.

Quit crying and take your WIN like a Gelding.

(but seriously no hard feelings)

And you want me to believe you as well now that is funny. Now go duct tape another rider fan to the bumper of your combine.

I dont get it . . .

Mr Connery isn't his real name?!?!?!???

Oh I see how you roll. . .