Siren at Edmonton......

OMG did anyone else hear the siren after the TD in the 4th quarter in Edmonton, the nerve....i almost turned of my TV. Like don't they think about the people watching at home. Oh well maybe there was a TSN mic near the speaker, which would make that electronic noise. That sound guy should be fined and fired and the eskies should be forced to forfeit the game. Oh and the esks should be suid by the retard in sask for plagerism (sp).

I think i've made my point....

oh shut up.. sheesh, show a little maturity!

i'll mature when u get a sense of humor :smiley:

well that ain't funny..

What siren? Do you mean the fans who were coordinating the air horns to distract Setta? I certainly didn't hear a siren at the stadium.

After Edmonton scored a TD in the 4th quarter and they were celebrating the sound guys at Commonwealth piped in a siren in celebration.

My comment was a knock on all the people wining about the siren at Mosaic....

The one in edmonton wasn't during play or caused by a fan and i only heard it once. by your own acount it's really not relevant or comparable then...thanks for coming out...

The siren was from the antiquated Eskimo fire truck that circles the track after every touchdown...not EVERY play. They've had that thing for as long as I can remember.


"Oh and the esks should be suid by the retard in sask for plagerism (sp)."

"Plagerism"? Look it up...I'm not doing your work for you.
"Suid"?...are you missing a 'q'in there or are you that oblivious of the english language.
"Retard"?...careful about throwing that word around so liberally after that post.

Lighten up people!
It was a joke!

can you blame us? that thing is damn annoying...its hard to watch the rider home games because of it

Ah yes Eski-Moses, the fire truck! Thanks for pointing that one out. I wasn't reading carefully enough to catch that Green2thebone was referencing a TD specifically. I was thinking of a Setta FG earlier in the game. I guess TSN's mics were in the right position on Saturday to pick up the celebratory siren for all CFL fans to enjoy!

I thought I heard canned noise in BC Place on Saturday night.. but it turns out that is just Rod Black's voice when he gets excited... :lol: :lol: :lol:

wow this was apparantly a touchy subject....who knew everyones ears were so sensitive.

I've seen some of the Eskie cheeleaders and they are indeed sirens :stuck_out_tongue:

We will see this weekend if mr siren at Taylor field will be part of the show.

more like banshee's