Sir James, I appeal to thee as Head Coach...

and ask that thy plays offer a more entertaining venue.
We all love to see Sir Chiu snap to Sir Anthony, and Sir AC either hand the ball off to Lord Payton or hurl it +/- LXXX yards…but do we have to see the same play over and over, and over again? I understand that we can either run or pass left, right or centre, however why can’t thee put Lord Marcus, Maas or Mahon on a special team…one that could do the same plays, but with a varied approach. Thy assets are sitting on their asses.
At this stage of the season, you must be creative. Even in college ball, after we taped our ankles we strapped weights to them for every practice. We could fly several feet come game time, either horizontally or vertically! As you know, a leap of just a few inches makes the difference in each catch, whether for a down or a touchdown.

Dear Sir Anthony, I pray that thou art well…but I see hesitation and suspect possibly a distracted focus due to… pain? Or maybe having to learn a new ball each time the commish decides to redesign it? (You are one of the few QBs to survive this horror show!) Was that millisecond of vacillation due to the confusion generated when OUR players were wearing the OPPONENT’S colors, and they were in our whites? Was it because without some contrast in our new and improved uniforms, thou lacked the clarity to isolate thy target(s)?
(Thou art such a practiced professional, that I refuse to believe that this distraction could be personally related. However, if it is…please leave it with the Lord, and come back to me!) :wink: