sir james delgardo

what do you think about sir james delgardo

I don't know yet. What do you think?

Cahoon will make him look foolish all night long … it will not be pretty.

How can you possibly speak for how good or bad he is??? Maybe... just maybe.. we could give him a few plays before deciding that.

Cut him! He is the reason the Als threw all over us---out of position all night, poor tackling......
Oh, wait....this post is meant for Sunday morning!

well said tommy boy, couldn’t have said it any better myself… its almost like you looked into the future

Zenstate, he played last game, and played horrible. He wasn't a player who just ran out of gas, it didn't look like he had any in the tank to begin with. He should not be starting regardless of Cody's injury. He's just not good enough.

If all of you are down on him I bet he will play very well.. I say this because every time someone speaks well of a player before a game they always seem to bomb.

Just like the last 2 games.. so many people here were so sure we would win and we stunk up the place.

So if people here think Sir James will suck and that we will lose the game it must mean we will get our first win.

Hell, I hope that works Zen, I'd cheer on us to lose every game if that was the case.

Well, the Als offense has to step it up. They have been abysmal so far. If they can't exploit the holes in our secondary this week, they will be riding Bellefeuille out on a rail within a couple more.

Oski Wee Wee,

I just watched the Taaffe Press Conference. Holy PO'ed body language Batman(or did I misread it). When he, at the end of it, was asked about the Db's and whats gone on this week, steam almost came out of his ears, but he kept it inside. His opening comments on penalties are obvious.

I've played on some great championship potential teams in a few sports at different levels in my time (and god knows watched them), but we/they always pissed wins away with stupid penalties. This, like he said, has to be dealt with first!

He's a great interview, but man, is he wound up about the state of his team. FU#*'N GOOD! :twisted: