Sir Earl and Labour Day 1988

my 1st vid on check it out,type "earl's big night".
it's not the greatest quality vid but a classic from labour day 1988. winfield 3 td's and the stadium was goin nuts.56-28 cats.
earl's 3 td's
jed tommy running over argos.
chapdelaine 2 td's
and argos glenn kulka getting the boot and having to walk past the less than friendly cat bench.

You just made what was a pretty boring morning much much better.

Oh how I miss those days ...

  • paul

my fav game ever i edited from vhs, same game they announced gifto trade to cats.

why do you torture us with memories of the good days? :stuck_out_tongue: I’d give my right leg for another Earl-type receiver (I’d give my left one too, but that one actually works pretty well) :wink:

Thanks for posting it. I’ll have to check it out when I get home. :thup:

Very nice, thank you .

Thanks emms, this made my morning.
Such sweet memories.



That's Why Obie is here
He was the Coach Back in 1988 of The Argos.
He know what Labour day is all About.
He Watch Us Beat a really good Argo Team
That Went on to 14-4-0 record

He Will Return Us to Glory Soon ..
Then Become a Bigger CFL Legend for doing so.

Earl Winfield? Hall of Fame, line one...

:D :D :D

And that is just a sampling of what Earl was capable of, every time he touched the ball. It's high time he got enshrined in the Hall!

As for the vid, so many memories. TC sure looked on the prowl there piledriving Argo effigies. LMAO :wink:

Old Civic will rock like that again. Sooner than later....

BTW: Thank you for sparing Obie a cameo in the vid. LOL I bet that is a game he'd rather forget. :wink:

Thanks Emms!

Oski New Year,

no problem my pleasure i got some other classics i'll post soon.
BTW,jed tommy got the final td in that game.
the funny part for me is the argos assistant yelling at kulkhead to "keep your cool" as he made his way toward the cat bench,with howard fields (#16) getting the last word in.

Man, I can hardly believe it's 20 years ago! Keep the faith my Tabbie friends, we will return to glory!

What a treat seeing the Duke of Earl and Rockie D. again.

That was the year I bought my Winfield Jersey and it's the only jersey I still wear to all the games. Simply one of the best.
Sorry Casey, you ain't the TiCats #1 in my book

Wonderful post, Emms!

At a time when Ticat fans are virtually starving for some good football by the home team, this one was very timely.

Attendance only 18,000 but did you see T.C.'s waistline? At least those were 'fat' years on the field! T.C. and Stripes now look pretty sleek. Let's see if there's any correlation between wins and mascot waistlines this year.

Thanks very much for posting this, many great memories.


Damn I miss those guys. Al Bruno is still my favourite coach.

I miss Frank Kush.. :lol:

Just kidding I just miss Winning

Emms, a splendid reminder of a time when the Cats were tough and the Argos worked for Hoover. Back then, you didn't mind a ticket price hike.Earl Winfield is one of the finest ever to bring glory to the Black and Gold. Many thanks for your kindness in giving us all a retro thrill.

Awesome...simply awesome. I wonder if Earl has any coaching aspirations? Say...special teams?