Pretty good showing in the 4th quarter by the young Canadian QB, Looks like he has some competition though from the other QB Bo Levi Mitchell for the 3rd string spot. Do you guys think he'll be the 3rd stringer again this year or do you see him being eclipsed by Mitchell?

It is nice to see he is getting a fair shot. Even though it is an ex-game he is still playing against higher quality players than he did in Canadian collage football. :thup: Nice job under pressure :thup:

The Stamps have quite a bit of depth at the QB position. (Tate, Glenn, Mitchell, Sinopoli)
all played extremely well, except for Tate, who likely just had an off day..

The following game against Sask will be interesting if Tate has another poor outing, and the other three repeat admirable performances.

would Hufnagel pull Tate as the opening day starter if this were the case?

None of the naysayers have anything to say, as expected. Sinopoli and others could play in this league if just given the chance. Good on ya, Calgary !

True enough, I liked what I seen with Sinopoli out there and to mention Matt Nichols as well; more reps/going over the game films with the Coaches will help their development. Both will be #3 QB's I say.

Cut Glenn (save the salary) and keep the young guys.

Not a chance they do that. Teams without proven starters tend to have veteran backups and Calgary with Tate falls into that category. There are actually a lot of parallels between this year's Stamps team and the Tiger-Cat team Glenn went to in '09. Both teams gave a young guy a chance at the end of the previous season because their previous starter wasn't getting it done and then named those young guys the starters entering the following season. Porter got hurt and then struggled, so the team went to Glenn. I could see the same thing happen in Calgary. Tate got hurt last year and there is no guarantee he'll turn into the player we all think he will. Glenn could very easily start at some point this year, maybe to save Calgary's season like he did in Hamilton in '09.

As for what the Stamps should do with their QBs: put one of the PR or keep putting him on the one-game injured list. They can keep all four if they want.

To my (admittedly untrained) eye Sinopoli looked like a pro out there. I don't know that he was facing first string players, but he definitely delivered all the same. He did what he had to do to get the team in a position to tie the game, then threw a bullet to the end zone. The icing on the cake was the 2pt convert. Great job Sinopoli!

Every time I've seen that guy play he's done the job. I hope we see more of him in the regular season, and not just because it's a blowout. Another performance like this last one and he'll deserve some serious playing time I'd say.

I would rate Calgary QB's as the best in the country at this point. Drew Tate gets the starting spot with Kevin Glen as the definite number two. The only question left is: Who will get the third spot? The next game should establish who will get third spot. Brad Sinopli has to be our favorite choice- if he replicates the next pre season game- he deserves it!

Does any one know if QUINLIN of Montreal has played at all yet?

From the game stats vs Bombers/write-up he has not played.

and no wonder, MTl has 6 QB's on its roster right now.

I hope that Quinlin gets a shot. The guy deserves it if you ask me.

Sinopoli did look good but it also was against a defense that wasn't exactly running with 12 starters.

so it's not exactly the best way to see it.

He would need to have action with the starters in first before you really give him a fair judgement.

Another way to look at it is whether he looked better or worse than other 3rd/4th string QBs in their exhibition games against the opposing 2nd/3rd string defences. Unfortunately, I didn't see the Calgary game, so I can't comment on this.

well, he looked as good as the rest of them.

#19.. BO Levi?

he looked confident and has a hell of an arm. he looked like he was hardly trying out there.

but he WAS! :smiley:

Sinopoli has it tough.

I'm predicting that Sinopoli is done.

Cfl…you lost 3 months of forum participation on your thoughts on Canadian QB’s draftability last year.
You wanna try again?
Bet: Sinopoli stays on roster after cut down day is my bet.
Yours: he gets cut.
At stake: out until September in forum.

you want to back up your prediction?

Nice one, Flag.

QUINLIN made the most of his 1 series Vs. the ARGOS. His first pass was a completed 41 yarder and if a Montreal receiver didn't drop another perfect pass from QUINLIN they might of even beaten the ARGOS :wink: :wink:

His name is Quinlan, not Quinlin, just FTR.

Sorry , but all QUINLAN needs is another shot. Just like SINOPOLI :wink:

Is it really that hard to believe that some Canadian born Q.B.s might just be good enough to play in the CFL? :wink: