Sinopoli wants Vancouver Hub?

Brad Sinopoli doesn't want Regina or Winnipeg. I get it. Months of isolation for little pay in these two cities. He has a new baby and I can understand the hesitation. Should Vancouver be one of the hubs? Players would love life in BC and it might rejuvenate CFL football in BC if the Canucks lose out to Vegas as a Hub City. Regina and Winnipeg will always be supportive. There won't be many fans allowed in anyways so make the hub city an opportunity for attracting desparate fans for sports...

I don't know how large of a difference it would make unless people can attend the games. If it's no fans and just televised, I don't think much will change for Vancouver

You're probably right. I just think that the families can venture out after their quarantine period and enjoy the lifestyle Vancouver has to offer...

I would dearly love to have Vancouver as one of the hub cities as COVID-19 cases/hospitalizations/deaths have remained rather low. However, this is not likely to happen as BC Place would be considered a closed stadium, increasing (however small) the likelihood of transmission.

This would be a shame as we need to grow the game here and it would increase brand exposure. Apart from Grey Cups, Vancouver seems largely overlooked. We have no natural rival, so no rivalry games or Labour Day match-up, head office presence (Toronto), no combines (Edmonton, Toronto), Hall of Fame games (Hamilton), no Mark's CFL week (Regina, Winnipeg). It would be nice to get some kind of spotlight one day. The last Grey Cup here was 2014 and we're not likely to get another until 2023 at the earliest.

If the CFL has to use a hub concept and if the health numbers work, I would like like to see two hubs. One in the east, the other in the west.

With a shortened schedule, just play games in your conference and the champions meet for the grey cup.

If it comes down to one city with no fans, I would go with Vancouver and their dome.