Sinopoli Makes the Cut

great to see a great Canadian talent make the squad, hopfully he can develop and become a starter one day

He may get a chance to develop very quickly as he’ll probably be #2 for the Stamps’ opening game after Tate dislocated his shoulder in the Friday night game in Edmonton.

Wow I didn't know Tate got hurt, well I'm not going to hope for Burris to get hurt, but I hope the Stamps blow out the Blue Team and Sinopoli see's some mop up time

Would love to see that .. :thup:

Not so fast,
Calgary is bringing Bishop in!

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It appears the Calgary Stampeders have found their solution to their vacancy at backup quarterback.

Sportsnet has learned that CFL veteran pivot Michael Bishop is expected to sign with the Stamps as early as Monday, replacing Drew Tate, who dislocated his left, non-throwing, shoulder late in Friday night's exhibition game against Edmonton.

The 35-year-old is currently being held back in Houston due to an expired passport.. Bishop hopes to get his documents in order by Monday so he can report to Calgary as soon as possible.

I like watching Bishop so here's hoping he sees some action.

To paraphrase Don Cherry:

"Brad Sinopoli is a good Canadian kid!"
From Peterborough. Former Crestwood High School Mustangs QB. :smiley:
Ought to have been a Tiger-Cat though. :cry:

8) Interesting that Calgary discussed other QB options as a replacement for Drew Tate, that included, Casey Printers,
  Chris Leak, Cody Pickett and Jason Maas !!!

 Boy, Micheal Bishop has got more lives than all those guys put together.  He just keeps ticking even after all these

 years.   <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

 You just had to know that it wouldn't have been Printers that was chosen.    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->