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A few things before #East semi-final between the #Ticats & #BCLions:
• referee is Al Bradbury.
Ticats have scratched Terrell Sinkfield. He’s not injured.
• Ticats will be in all black, Lions in white with Creamsicle pants.
• wind will be a factor

Maybe coach Jones knows what he is doing.

McDaniel hasn’t caught a ball…

Was he even targeted?

I think McDaniel’s role is a decoy (running coverage away from other receivers), and a downfield blocker.

I suspect Sinkfield takes McDaniel’s spot next week in Ottawa.

Well, we discovered what’s wrong with Terrell Sinkfield - got caught in the shadow of Bralon Addison.

As good as things turned out today, I think sinkfield has to play next week. Ottawa is that much better then BC. Sink and Addison deep threats and tasker for the short plays.

Agreed. Need a new look not yet on film for Ottawa. McDaniel is doing nothing. Sink should be out there at least to make them pay attention.

Hows about Tasker and Addison deep and Sinkfield short? But who do you sit? McDaniel would be my suggestion.

Seems there is more going on here. I hope it’s not about Egos. We couse definitely use Sinkfield next week. These are some pretty harsh words for a coach to say about one of his players.

From TSN:

Jones had a simple reason for starting Addison ahead of Sinkfield.
“He’s better,” Jones said. "He gets it, he understands, he’s smart.
“The game is not too big for him. He can make those type plays and he did again tonight.”

You wonder if this was Tillman wanting to bring Sink in and Jones saying we don’t need him.

Ya that was a pretty interesting way to answer about Sinkfield

I know I cannot be the only person to think this with Rolle hurt and a couple more hobbling would it be crazy to add Sinkfield in as a one on one Db next week? If not then maybe Courtney. We are getting very thin at Db. Rolle may play but a major cut at the Achilles area is a big problem

Just a thought or two

June Jones said Rolle should and Johnson only fell on the ball. I would think they might start Courtney before they’d resort to Sink at DB . I do think Sink should start over Mcdaniel as he would stretch the field and they didn’t even throw one ball Mcdaniel’s way today Ottawa having to respect Sinks speed would give more room for the other receivers. If they don’t start Sink next week then someting must have happened that pissed June off. He demanded Coleman to be cut or traded when he fought in practice so maybe Sink hasn’t worked hard enough learning the playbook

I’m with you on the Sinkfield situation. The media is questioning “Why Addison over Sinkfield?”
That’s not the question. It’s “Why not Sinkfield over McDaniel?” You may well be onto something. Gerbear20, with your other thoughts.

My question was and is “Why was Sinkfield not dressed for this game”? I have no problem with Sinkfield not starting but would have preferred the option of him playing if need be (like rotating into the offence in McDaniel’s spot). On the depth chart before the game, Leonard and Williams were listed as back-ups in the defensive backfield while also having Stephen and Langa available if need be. That’s too many defensive backs dressed for my liking when we currently need all the help we can get at receiver with all the injuries we’ve had this season.

Bang on ottawacat. Definitely something going on, especially considering Coach Jones’s comment about Addison starting over Sinkfield because he is better. Maybe Sinkfield let his NFL chops go to his head?

Jones has last word on player personnel decisions. Assume that means acquisition too.

He certainly has the last word on starting players and game day scratches

It is tough to question that decision on Addison over Sinkfield now, when his opening drive of scripted plays had a 40 yard bomb on 2nd and 12 from our own 18 yard line to Addison.
Addison was a huge part of the Offence yesterday.
I don’t think in Coach Jones opinion, Sinkfield was ready for that(yet)

I think its McDaniel over Sink that raises eyebrows.