Steve Milton of the spec wrote that sinkfield will be a game time decision. Usually these turn out to be a no go. Anyone know what is up ? Did he get injured in practice ? I hope Junes Jones is thinking of not dressing Sinkfield and replacing hum with addison instead of starting addison, sinkfield, and Mcdaniel.

link? Have not heard or seen any info.

Might be a game time decsion if he is our best option to dress.

Key Hamilton roster notes
Shutdown CB Delvin Breaux's knee has healed enough for him to start; OTs Kelvin Palmer and Ryker Mathews return from injury; and WR Bralon Addision showed he deserves a chance to start; WR Terrell Sinkfield will likely be a game-time decision.

And now Sinkfield? What in God’s green Earth is with the Cat receiving corp this year? #%**?!?!!!

Unless he’s injured, why would you not dress a game breaker like Sink? And why was he only used on kick and punt returns last game? He did well other than the fumble. But, why did they not throw his way??

I can't figure it out, McDaniel "may" know the playbook inside and out but hes been slow, unexciting and essentially useless out there. Feels like it should be Sinkfield there.

In a playbook where there's lots of options, having a receiver that doesn't see the same thing as the QB is a recipe for disaster. (See Andrew English and Danny McManus circa 2003).
If Sink isn't making the right reads in practice and Masoli is throwing INTs ...does it make sense to have him out there.

Your not wrong but we seem to love screen plays, which are a lot different to read and where someone like Sinkfield is light years better than McDaniel or Tasker or really anyone of our receivers except maybe Addison now. I mean just speed alone clears up all kinds of space underneath without ever even intending to pass to him. I mean we’ll see I’m not a coach but seems like we’re lacking big play explosiveness kinda players.

Don't get me wrong I think if he's healthy they need to have a package of plays to get him involved. That's what good coaches do.

Sinkfield is listed behind Addison at slotback on the depth chart.

Even if Sink isn’t starting as receiver, I’m sure the Ticats have four or five plays where he is featured as the go-to, off the benchreceiver. Probably why Hamilton’s last practice this week was closed to the media.

I’m sure Sink will also be one of the KR’s. And he may even returnsome punts.

Hamilton didn’t sign him to sit in the playoffs.

Man I hope you are right “Of Course”

If that was the case, who would you see being the 2nd INT Reserve (with White)?

A coach being cagey on who’s playing and who’s not before a playoff game is pretty basic stuff.

maybe leonard would be the 2knd int reserve

i hope sink plays as he knows the cfl game and is lightning fast and he can return kicks and he can play db in a pinch

I doubt that's the case here but it's our best hope. Let's believe that it's been a week of deliberate deception, Leonard will be the 2nd Reserve, and "Sink" is ready to rock, playing both ways.

sure would be fun

McDaniel is listed as a starter. Sink a backup. He also isn’t listed on Punt or Kick return.

Have to think White and Sink are out, hopefully I’m wrong.

Milton and others reporting White and Sink are out.