Terrel Sinkfield’s Twitter shows a plane to Toronto from Minneapolis.

I hope there is a car ride down the QEW to add…

Practice Sunday
Starting DB and WR Monday
Player of the week Tuesday
Busy week for Sink.

Sinkfield was cut by the Vikings BUT apparently the odds are that he will be added to their PR .

Sinkfield has been waved by the Vikings and not picked up. He also did not make the Vikings
ten man practice roster. A tweet from Darren Wolfson of 1500ESPN radio:

#Vikings passing on Hopkins HS Alum. Terrell Sinkfield for their practise squad.
  Converted to CB this year from WR.

We need this guy badly. Hope he honors his promise to come back.

  1. Unless he decides to pass on Hamilton, when he sees the mess this team and organization
    is in now !!

If he returns to the CFL, he may choose a team that is going to make the playoffs and has a
legit chance at winning the Grey Cup.

However if Hamilton throws some BIG bucks at him, That might make his decision an easy
one :wink: :wink:

Pay him enough and he'll come back. If his total compensation for this year equal the same he'd make on a playoff team he may honour his (supposed) commitment to sign with us. Wonder what his preferred position is.....receiver or defensive back?

Here's hoping because we know how good he can be.

We could certainly use the help at receiver. Got to score some points on offence and at least be a threat down field.

It would make more sense for him to sign with the Argos and Trestman and get a shot at playing in the Grey Cup. He already turned Hamilton down once a year ago going to BC instead.

Besides, I think he wants to make up for that wave a couple of years ago. lol

Argos cut him loose once. Hopefully Sink holds this grudge!

Why wouldn't he go back to BC ?
But in the end it will come down to which team makes his agent the best offer.

WOW, what news....anyone know how old he is? If we could get him it might refresh the team...some times it only takes a spark to start a large fire!!!

27 years old in December

Sinkfield to NY Jets PR

Brian Costello?Verified account

New practice squad players: CB Terrell Sinkfield, DL Patrick Gamble, OL Geoff Gray, WR JoJo Natson #nyj

FYI, PR spots pay minimum $7200US/wk for 17 weeks and more if playoffs

so $125K/season US $$$ to be on the practice roster. Not too shabby but The Hammer does have a lower cost of living for sure.

But Hamilton doesn't have the potential for making huge money by making the active roster, even if it's just one game.

He's an American. He's playing football in his own country, where he has the potential to make far more money than he can playing in Canada for Canadian dollars, not to mention Canadian taxes. If he never gets beyond a practice roster in the NFL, the CFL becomes a better option. But as long as he thinks he can crack an NFL roster, I don't blame him for trying hard to do that.

All the more reason for a higher cap. Although some players will opt for the NFL practice roster spot no matter what, but if the average salary in the CFL were a little higher, being on a an active roster might win the day for some players. Right now, its not even close.

It should be noted that Sinkfield was added to the Jets PR as a DB, not as a REC, as he was invited to the Vikings camp and then cut as a 1st year DB, a position he hadn’t played since High School
An incredible achievement.

Higher cap? that would probably mean higher ticket prices.
Most teams wouldn't be able to afford a higher salary cap. Maybe in 2022 if they get a higher TV contract but we don't know what will happen by then.