Sinkfield waived by Vikings

I think nothing scares a team more than speed. Williams is a good receiver, but it's his quickness that most commentators seem to dwell on.

Sinkfield has that same kind of speed, as well as great hands. He made some terrific clutch catches while he was here..

With Toliver on one side and Sinkfield on the other, and Banks sweeping over the middle, could make for some nightmarish planning for opposition DC's in this league.

I don't see ANY db catching any of those players once they get a pass.

Sinkfield was a SB here, playing the positions that Tasker, Owens, Fantuz and occasionally Banks play this season. When he was on the field, last year, along with Tasker, Grant, Toliver (or Underwood) and Fantuz (or Coates), the non-import lined up, most often, outside. I think this year's Cats are looking to improve on the outside and I don't know whether Sinkfield would be what they want unless there was some plan to get an extra NAT into the lineup, somewhere else, and have Fantuz as the only starting NAT receiver. Nevertheless, I'd love to see Terrell back here, if the club can afford him. His greatest value may be, over future seasons, being 8 & 1/2 yrs. younger than Owens.

I know Butler was reported as "gone for the season", but (and that is a BIG but) if he is able to return soon, they could move Courtney Stephen back to corner and put Butler in at Safety. That would allow an additional International on Offence. This is purely speculation (and perhaps wishful thinking on my part).

If it were true, the signing of Chiles and potential signing of The Sinker would make more sense to me.


Thank you, OC. I see the situation better.

I didn't even factor age between Sinkfield and Owens. Good point.

I'm thinking those moves may be more in the long term plan, looking to next year when Butler is back, and as a contingency against injuries.

You can never have enough quality depth at receiver.

At one point this year, I think the Argos had all 4 starting import receivers out with injuries. And look at what happened in Montreal recently, with Duron Carter suspended, and SJ Green out for the year.

We now have insurance against that.

I hope we sign Sinkfield, too.