Sinkfield waived by Vikings

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We have waived 9 players.

The Vikings have waived the following players:
DE Theiren Cockran
G Sean Hickey
TE Brian Leonhardt
DE Claudell Louis
WR Marken Michel
LB Terrance Plummer
G Austin Shepherd
WR Terrell Sinkfield
QB Brad Sorensen

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Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 5m5 minutes ago
Former #Ticats REC @Solo_Sink2, released by the #Vikings today, is a #CFL free agent.

Think Stinkfield will end up back in the Hammer?

It's times like these that I wish the league hadn't eliminated the option year.

Would love if we were able to get him.

As much as CO2 has won me over with his fantastic play and team presence, I do recall in the Calgary game that he caught a pass down the middle & was chased down and tackled from behind.

I wonder if Sinkfield would have been caught on that play…

If Sinkfield isn't picked up by any other NFL team, it would be great to see him back here. :thup:

He was such a key player down the stretch last year. I would love to have him back.

Sinkfield is not only a deep threat, he also can give Speedy B a break on kick off/ punt returns. The Vikes also released a quarterback, Sorenson, who will probably be recalled due to the Teddy Bridgewater injury.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

He would not.

im sure we own his rights through this season

If we can sign him, I think he has earned a spot here in the Hammer despite the talent we already have, too much talent is a good problem to have and I'd hate to see him burning us later down the road in Montreal or Toronto.

...Interesting on his Twitter profile his location says Minneapolis, then a plane symbol then...Toronto

I am not super familiar with Twitter but it seems like it says he is in transit to Toronto, pure speculation of course, he still have his cover image as him in a Cats uniform, also doubt there are flights directly to Hamilton from Minneapolis would likely need to go through Toronto. He does have a history with the Argos who have enjoyed poaching our players as of late, but I feel like Austin would make room or him here.

Going to be interesting to see where he ends up whether North or South of the border.

We Do NOT own his rights, he is a free agent

Either way, he'd probably favour returning to the Cats, (or at least considering it).

We'd have some "cap" problems in affording all of this but so would others.

Not too many receivers I'd want to see cut, but did CO2 get hurt bad enough to go on the six game injured list, and get removed from the 'cap'?

It was a bad day for Terrell, for the Vikings with the loss of the QB, and also for an NFL-Regional reporter, who covers the team. Check out 247 Sports' Kyle Tasman's description (in print, not the video) of Sinkfield and his time with the team:

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He would be a great mix with Zach throwing, but we aren't bad at receiver it's a running back that can catch out of the backfield.

Hence part of the reason Owens is no longer with the Argos. An import mini-receiver who has lost a couple of steps (the rundown in the Calgary game clearly shows that) and takes up a sizeable chunk of the salary cap is going to be under scrutiny.

The diminutive Owens cannot make some of the plays that a taller, bigger-target receiver can make and create height mismatches in coverage, etc. Some of his "outstanding" catches would be routine for a taller receiver IMO.

I don't know, I think CO2 is all about the intangibles - like Tasker he makes some great catches in key moments. If we get to the Cup this year my money is one of those two guys to be hauling in the winning TD. Sinkfield would be a great addition but I wouldn't drop Owens for him.

IMO if Sinkfield came back he would immediately be 1B to Tasker as top receiver on the team, a dangerous return option, great depth protection and can play out of the backfield on occasion.
A great team guy, clutch, and has the speed to demand double coverage. A very important cog if he comes back.

/ This.

But if I had to make a choice I would say Sinkfield. CO2 is going to be 35 years old and probably in his last year, Sinkfield is younger, taller, more versatile and could be around for a few more seasons.

This thread answers my question in another thread..

To be fair to Owens on that play. He didnt catch the ball in full stride.