Sinkfield update from Vikings camp

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In team drills, cornerback Terrell Sinkfield batted away a pass intended for Rodney Adams. He displayed impressive movement skills, swiveling and sinking his hips to make the play. Sinkfield’s technique has been continuing to evolve throughout camp and his skills as an athlete are aiding his transition from wide receiver to defensive back.

Day 11 Training Camp Notebook: Sinkfield making a strong impression

Cornerback Terrell Sinkfield is making a stronger case every day for the sixth cornerback spot. He grabbed an interception on Rodney Adams slant and had a great jam on Stefon Diggs at the line of scrimmage to redirect his route. Sinkfield is a very special athlete and rotates his hips well to make plays on the ball. In addition, he is playing with more physicality in press coverage situations.


We shouldn't hold our breath, sound like.

I think Sink has sunk for us. :frowning:

Well, if he does come back to us, it's nice to know he can help us out on both Offence and Defence.
Sort of like that other guy that used to play for us, Garney Henley. ;D

The thing of it is though is that even if things don't work out for Sink in Minnie there is no guarantee that he'll be heading back here anyways . May I remind everybody that last year when he was cut from Minnesota and had an opportunity to re-sign here in the Hammer he wound up in B.C. instead . Now don't get me wrong here as I would LOVE to see the Sink back in Black "n" Gold if things don't work out for him in the NFL but I'm not holding my breath waiting for it to happen anytime soon if at all for that matter .

The Vikings released their unofficial Depth Chart roster today
as of Sept.2nd the roster must be cut down from 90 to 53 players and then some PR guys

Sinkfield has some players he must jump over to get into that 53

Am I the only one who hates the constant watching of former CFL players gone the way of the NFL? It's as if you all want him to fail.

I don't think anybody wants Sink to fail, and if you are referring to me, I doubt you have read the previous posts because all of my previous posts have all been positive about Sinkfield

Well, you may be the only one who feels that way and yet still chooses to read a thread when it is completely obvious that the thread is about that thing you hate.

I wish Terrell Sinkfield well.
We sure could use his talents here as a receiver, even as a DB!!

Great read here on how Sinkfield got his chance to try out for CB on the Vikings

How a Grocery Store Encounter Saved Terrell Sinkfield’s Career

"It sounds like a Hollywood storyline when you see it on paper — the simple fact that Terrell Sinkfield was able to turn around his NFL career in a local grocery store next to the tower of coconut water and discounted chicken salad."

"While many will tell you Sinkfield is destined for the practice squad in 2017, I’ll stand firm saying he’s the best option for the final cornerback spot. Sinkfield not only has outplayed other cornerbacks like Sam Brown and Jabari Price, but he gives the coaching staff more potential as a player three years down the road with the proper progression."

Read here

This author wrote a story on Sinkfield's career and somehow completely missed the fact that he played in the CFL. Even said it's a potential "zero to hero" story rivaling The Blind Side. (Presumably being a homeless youth and a CFL star are considered equivalent.)

Kind of wrecks his credibility for me.

Glad I'm not the only one else who noticed that the author somehow conveniently forgot to mention the fact that Sink had played in the CFL . Nice story and all BUT talk about Fake News !!! Nonetheless I for one am pulling for Sinkfield in his attempt to finally catch on in the NFL .

Here is another article about Sinkfield from the Vikings official website that acknowledges his time in the CFL complete with a nice pic of Sink when he played here in the Hammer : 5 things to know about Vikings CB Terell Sinkfield :

Thanks for posting bobo. :wink:

Definitely much better, even if they took some literary licence by melding together Sink's 2014 accomplishments (Grey Cup appearance) with his 2015 stats (1000 yards receiving) and called it all 2014.

I think it's interesting that an NFL team's hype machine is so active that they have time to write articles about players who may never see the roster. I guess that's one of the benefits of having infinite cash to work with.

As for the other article ... it is a cool story that a guy got his NFL tryout by running into the coach at the deli counter. But if I was an NFL coach I probably wouldn't want aspiring young players shadowing me around town looking for their big break.

:)NP Grover !!! 8)

From the Viking's preseason game in BUF last night

Sinkfield beaten for a touchdown
Cornerback Terrell Sinkfield had one pass breakup, but allowed a 9-yard touchdown to wide receiver Dezmin Howard in the back left corner of the end zone. He is still adjusting to the technical side of the game, but again showed flashes. Antone Exum Jr. also made plays in coverage and notched four tackles, including a tackle on a barreling Mike Tolbert in the second level. Exum Jr.’s versatility has benefited him throughout camp. On the surface, it appears he separated himself from Terrell Sinkfield, who may be his lone competition for the final cornerback spot.