Sinkfield to BC

Per BC Lions Twitter.

Disappointing. Maybe Owens isn't hurt as bad as it looked?

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 18m18 minutes ago
Former #TIcats REC @Solo_Sink2 has signed with the #BCLions. #CFL

Let's hope that's the case. It would have been great to have Sinkfield back but it's not like the receiving corps is deficient.

No hesitation by BC to scope up Sink. It seems KA wasn't to keen to reacquire Sinkfield. :frowning: :?

It isn't necessarily a matter of whether Austin wanted Sinkfield as it probably whether there was really a need for him. They just signed Chiles before Sinkfield became available so possibly if they hadn't gone that route, they might have looked into re-acquiring TS.

I did hear (on the radio) that Chad's injury may not be too serious - that's not confirmed by the team of course - but a couple of games off would give CO2 a break and possibly give the team a chance to start Chiles.

Or it's possible that B.C. simply him gave a better offer.

Kind of a shame. I would have liked to see him back with the Cats.

Well this definitely sucks, but could have been the Argos, Als or Twocolours who picked him up, glad he will be playing out West.

Also signed Streeter a few days before Sink was cut by Minn

That's true, but it's still pretty crappy news. Sinkfield has all the tools to be one to be one of the league's best, and now we're going to have to watch him do it from another team.

You sure could assemble a top-notch receiving corps out of our former players. I think the combo of Sinkfield-Ellingson-McDaniel-C.Williams, and throwing in either Campeau-Charboneau or Giguere as a Canadian (because Getzlaf doesn't really count), would rival our current guys. (And by "rival" I'm being polite.)

Yes too bad Sinkfield signed with BC and not the Ti-Cats but I knew when they signed Chiles and Streeter that the chances were pretty slim to have Sink back in the Hammer.

Hopefully the injury to Owens isn't that bad and he will be back soon and we can get our offence back on track again to scoring more TD's and making a good run for the playoffs.


Josh ClippertonVerified account ?@JClipperton_CP 10m10 minutes ago
New #BCLions receiver Terrell Sinkfield says he had other contract offers. Spoke to Hamilton but felt BC was the best choice. #CFL #Ticats

:( :( :(

So now he's just another one of the several good to outstanding TiCat receivers who are employed elsewhere in the CFL.
If playing elsewhere was more attractive, as it was to the others, so be it, so long, thanks for the memories, good luck, We cared. Thought maybe you did too.

Disappointed to hear this news. Good luck Sink but not when we spank you in the Grey Cup

He probably did. But not enough to turn down a better offer. I don't blame him. He's a good player for an opposing team.

Would have like to see sink back in the black and gold but we have good depth in WR and could probably use cap room in other needed areas like the secondary.

I feel the days of loyalty in sports are over and often boils down to $.

Tough to see players you enjoyed watching go elsewhere but to be in the players shoes you never know how long a football career will last and they have families to take care of just like everyone else

you could also throw Bakari Grant into that group as well. He is having himself quite the year in Cowtown and is currently 2nd on the Stamps in receiving just behind McDaniel with 625 yds so far on the season.


I heard that Grant was injured in the Stamps game vs Ottawa so he may lose some ground on those stats if he's out for any length of time. I might add that he was having a good season last year in Hamilton until he got sidelined by injury. That was the first time I remembered him missing significant time because of being hurt.

I thought about Bakari but decided he didn't crack my starting line-up. He could probably give McDaniel a run for it, but not any of the others.