Sinkfield SIGNED!!!

How about for GOTC1, he never gave up, he was relentless and we got him!!!

TiCats Receivers :slight_smile:


Wait …shouldn’t he be apologizing to tillman? Said he didn’t care…wasn’t trying…etc.

It’s almost as if Tillman was doing his job behind the scenes without compromising the team’s interests with unnecessary public statements.

This is the part I find interesting.
Sink also tweeted before last season it was either the shield (NFL) or a Tiger. Says something about this organization when guys like Sink and Breaux want to come back here. Including signing today that’s 2 “almosts” before actually signing with us.
Huge credit to some of the people that we don’t give credit to (Mitchell, Austin, Tillman).

“Almost”? Looks like he was doing his job exactly the way he should have been doing it.

Great news. I wonder how quickly they’ll be able to get him up to speed and into the lineup. Soon, I hope.

Great news re Sinkfield. He was a tough-running receiver when he was with us before.
As long as the O-line holds up, our passing game just got a big boost.

Hey, TiCats, wake up.

HAPPY DANCE !!! Elevator going to the top floor :slight_smile: 8)

Hey dork , wake up , there's a guy looking for you in another thread . ;D

Any or alll anti Tillman threads and posts will hereby be laughed at and ridiculed until further notice

As a returner, in time to play @ Ottawa. As a receiver, I wouldn't expect to see him active, beyond maybe a very few plays, before the second Ottawa game at the earliest.

Kudos GM Tillman!

Sounds good to me.


And by the way… Welcome back to Hamilton, Sink!!

I “Apologise” Mr. Tillman for doubting you. But you left it to the very last minute. You need to be
a little more proactive next time.

Now I see a Grey Cup in our future is year. This solves the Return game and Reciever problem.
Sinkfeild in my books is much better than Carter.
Can you imagine next year if everyone is healthy. We would have the fastest team in the CFL
with: Speedy
C. Williams
T. Sinkfeild
J. Saunders
J. White
M. Jones
along with Tasker,Chambers,Green,Toliver,McDaniel

I can’t see us losing a single game!


Or to put it another way:

“I have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. Clearly our GM is doing everything he can to put the best team on the field. Next time I will give him the benefit of the doubt instead of publicly attacking him when I have no information to substantiate my claims.?

You forgot Owens.

You clearly missed the part where it says he was ready to sign here weeks ago before the Raiders signed him.

Just a thought, but heck, put him in now, even as the second receiver to flood a zone, like Speedy B in the early days ("Sink, you just run down the field"). The defence has to cover him, taking away one DB, potentially opening up another receiver, and if they don't, then throw him the ball.

May not rack up a lot of yards, but will give the Toronto defence some wrinkles to defend. :wink: