Sinkfield SIGNED!!!

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I dooo kinda miss the Hammer tho lol

#lifedecisions be tough
7:53 AM - 10 Oct 2018

Terrell Sinkfield Jr?Verified account

11m11 minutes ago
But this game isss a business… a dirty one at that

Sounds like he’s mulling over an offer from the Cats but is still waiting to see what other options (NFL) might be available.

Hurry up Sink! 8)

Sounds to me like he’s trying to squeeze more cash out of Tillman, who obviously already made Sink an offer.


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4m4 minutes ago

Just a reminder: free agent players need to be signed by 4 p.m. EST today in order to be #CFL playoff eligible.

FINALLY!..News on Sinkfield… Bob open up the Vault he’s worth it. (Receiver,Kick returner,
Defensive back)

I find that hard to believe, although I don’t have any evidence to say that statement is wrong.
Today, I know is the CFL Trade Deadline.

You may be correct, Edwards has now deleted that message. :slight_smile:

He should miss it. HAM is arguably the only place he has enjoyed any meaningful professional success, at least in real games.

that is interesting, I know baseball has a hard date for players being added/eligeble for the playoffs. Didn't know that the CFL did too. And someone needs to tell Drew it is 3:59 ET not 4 :slight_smile:

This is also an interesting aspect of the deadline. It’s how you know which players are really, really hated by their (former) team.

... If a player is released from a club after today, he can't be re-signed by another club and be post-season eligible. Happened to Duron a couple of years ago.

There might be something to it . Remember a few years back when the Alouettes released Carter and Stafford late in the season . Carter wanted to sign on with another club for the play-offs but was deemed ineligible to play the rest of the season . The league rules stated that a player who was not signed before the trade deadline would not be eligible to play until the next season even if the team did sign him after the deadline .

more here from TSN.....

I think that clears up the question, but I think the original statement that “free agent players” must be signed by today, to be playoff eligible, still may be incorrect. I believe, through the remainder of the season, teams may sign, and play, “free agents” who were not released by another CFL team after this date – i.e. CFL players released today, or anytime earlier and free-agent players who did not play in the CFL this season or, perhaps, even never have. If I’m correct, today would not be a deadline for signing Sinkfield and him being playoff eligible.

Coach Jones comments on the possibility of Sinkfield becoming a TiCat again:

I just read an explanation exactly how you explained it.
Also Coach Jones mentioned having interest in Sink, said he has questioned players that played with him and all replies were positive. Got the Speedy B stamp of approval.

sounds to me that we’re doing everything in our power to get him here, at the end of the day a prorated contract for the rest of this season isn’t going to beat the AAFL money, regardless of what we offer him.
If there’s a second year at big bucks involved that’s a different story. Could definitely be what all of the cap moves have been about as of late.
Certainly debunks the “theory” that Tillman has been asleep at the wheel and didn’t even make an attempt (Which is absurd).

Well if they are going to sign him then they have just under 2 hours to do so . Better get on your horses Ti-Cats the clock is ticking . GET ER DONE BOYS !!!..And before 4:00 o’clock EST .


That’s not true. we have until after 4pm to sign him as he’s a free agent.
Its the released player deadline - which does make sense.

SINK IS SIGNED !!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ;D ;D ;D :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ;D ;D ;D

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6m6 minutes ago
The @Ticats have signed Terrell Sinkfield. Played defensive back in the NFL but will be receiver/returner with Hamilton. Was close to joining a few weeks ago before being signed by the @Raiders. Big addition for the stretch.

David William Naylor?Verified account
37s37 seconds ago
The @Ticats newest addition,@Solo_Sink2 will be in town Thursday.

No excuses now … Any apologies for Tillman???