Sinkfield released by Vikings

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Does he come back to the CFL?

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Simoni and Coach Reinbold working to bring Sinkfield back! :rockin:

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See now things are really getting interesting

I'm sure they're not only ones, within the TiCat organization, doing that. :thup:

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The rumblings are certainly there, I don't know why they wouldn't want him back he got a try out in the NFL for a reason, he was our most explosive receiver last year.

Go with Fantuz, Tasker, Toliver, Sinkfield, Owens/Banks would be a dream if the ratio could be shuffled accordingly but I don't know if they would be willing.

Most teams only have 3 "busy" import receivers (ignoring RBs). Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto seem to have 4. Calgary and Winnipeg each start a Canadian RB, so it's obvious how they make room for an extra import receiver. Toronto starts 4 non-imports on the O-line.

We know that because of Gable's role in pass protection, he won't be replaced with a non-import. We start two import tackles; do we have the personnel to replace one of them with a non-import? The only other angle I could see is starting two non-import Defensive tackles, but that would mean sitting Nevis, is that something we can afford to do?

The way I see it, if Sinkfield returns, one of the other import receivers sits. The only thing I'm confident of is that it wouldn't be Tasker.

That could definitely happen next year once Butler is back. Given that, and given the ever-present risk of injuries, I could see Austin signing him if he's willing, knowing that he might end up not playing every game.

You are correct, losing Butler threw a massive wrench into the plans this season and is the main cause for the d-backfield woes.

What I have been a strong advocate for is starting Daly at safety and bumping Stephens back over to corner, at this point in the season the way our defence has played it'd be a no brainer to me, the defence didn't miss a beat with Daly in last year for Butler. This would be the only viable option in my opinion, or maybe toss Revenberg in at one of the tackle spots?

The argument against playing Daly and Stephen is that there are no ready Canadian backups to replace either in case of injury. Langa looks like he might make a good safety but has no regular season experience to validate that expectation. It would be a huge gamble that may not pan out.

Revenberg is a rookie and might not handle the OT position. Besides, both of our American tackles are excellent - so it would be a downgrade to replace either by Revenberg.


Filer is set to return, soon. Keep Girard on the line when he returns?

I think the only National O lineman we have who is capable of playing tackle is Bomben, but either Girard or Revenberg could sub in at guard if he moves to tackle.

Agreed on all accounts, I know it wouldn't make a lot of sense although I wish we could throw Daly in at safety still and sign a Canadian DB, Langa can play safety just would need another corner but obviously not that easy.

This is moreso about how much I like Sinkfield and respect what he can bring to the team, I know they aren't going to be starting Daly or Revenberg, just spitballing.

With the ankle/foot injury to Owens,(I have no idea how severe it is)
Could this open the door(cap wise) to Sinkfield?

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Strictly business

Or the open door for Streeter.

I'm thinking more along the lines of probably opening the door for Chiles as a replacement for CO2 but I would much rather have Sink back if he is available. Has anybody heard anything about Sink and his whereabouts or his plans since his release ? As far as I know I haven't heard a word about him being picked up as a PR player by anyone in the NFL and last time I looked he is currently still unemployed when it comes to football.

They showed Co2 on the bench madder then hell, you just know he’ll be out there as soon as he frigging can. This guy really whats to play. :x :x