Sinkfield not returning to Ticats...?

Not so fast.... Nowhere on the Vikings official website does it say that Sinkfield has signed. This is the latest news from - the official website.

Sinkfield dabbles as a defensive back

Sinkfield made an impression during Minnesota’s training camp last summer with his blazing speed.

Now the former Vikings wide receiver is hoping that translates to the other side of the ball.

Sinkfield was one of 12 people to work out Monday morning on the campus of the University of Minnesota for the Gophers Pro Day.

And while he ran routes and did wide receiver drills, he also tried his hand at cornerback drills.

“It was my first time doing some (defensive back) drills in front of some scouts, so I just wanted to show them that I can play DB, too,? Sinkfield said. “I’ve been a receiver for a couple of years, but I’m transitioning to that.

“The more you can do (is helpful),? he added.

Sinkfield said he was a cornerback growing up and in high school but switched to wide receiver at the University of Northern Iowa.

The 26-year-old Minnesota native said he hopes the versatility will attract NFL teams. He showed off his speed Monday, as he said he was told he ran the 40-yard dash in the 4.3-second range.

“Whatever they want to bring me in as, that’s what my focus would be,? Sinkfield said. “But as far as training and all that, I’m doing receiver and cornerback work.

“I’m a free agent now and I’m just trying to get signed,? he later added.

Sinkfield was one of the last players to get cut during training camp and eventually joined the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League. He had 16 catches for 297 yards and three touchdowns in seven games.

He said his time with the Vikings in Mankato was more than beneficial to his game.

“I learned a lot,? Sinkfield said. “There was great coaching, and it was a great opportunity to go out there.?

So far he is still trying to land a job.

Up to date news ???
Well without you providing a link or official confirmation or sources to back up yer news then all you have at this time is hearsay and nothing else . I think I'll wait until further notice before I jump to conclusions about if or if not that Sinkfield has signed once again with the Vikings or elsewhere in the NFL.

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sink is gone

Thanks for posting

Well good luck to Sink, hope he makes it, but, if not we will always welcome you back to the Hammer.

As a CB he will probably be phenomenal!

Sinkfield signs in the NFL, where do you spend the money? Do you sign a Canadian DT, OLine? Or do you sit on the money?

With the litany of injuries this team has suffered over the past few seasons, perhaps sitting on the cash would be a good idea?

If he didn't stick in the NFL as a receiver, his natural position, I wonder how long he'll last as a defensive back. I hope it works out for him.

Seems to me it would make quite the story: winning a spot on an NFL roster for the first time, 4 years out of college, at a position he hasn't played (in any league) since high school. It's not quite Delvin Breaux, but I have to think it's not very common.

His blazing speed is what we will be missing. He was faster than C Williams. Except for Banks (who really isn't a receiver)
we have no one with speed. :thdn:

I think Speedy was going to be the casualty if we got Sink.
Would have been money in money out.

Don't give up on Sink he not last long at Minnesota's camp at defensive back. :cowboy:

If we do get Sink back, maybe we should try him at DB. Historically it's been a weaker spot for us than receiver - although hopefully we've addressed that this off-season.

Ya never know Sink could be a dangerous dual threat if he ever comes back here. DB/WR dare I say it , the new Garney Henley ? :slight_smile: 8)