Sinkfield not returning to Ticats...?

Sink pulling out all the stops to land back in NFL... working out as a DB at U of Minnesota pro day... I hope he's back with the Cats - total game changer!

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Old news. Article was written a week ago.

A professional athlete's career has only so many years and that's if he stays healthy.

As much as I would love to see him in the Hammer, I can't blame Sinkfield at all for trying to maximize his time and money while he can.

I wish him the best.

If Sinkfield sticks with an NFL team, would Austin consider Torrey Gurley?

There's a reason why Gurley, Hazelton & Elliott were all released at the same time. It's because their little group was disruptive to the Argos locker room. Bringing Gurley to Hamilton would not be good for Elliott, IMO. I doubt Austin would risk ruining team chemistry.

Thanks for the info .ignore the old news comment.since you posted the date of the article the comment was redundent

8) No, you're wrong, it was an old article !! It was originally posted by OttawaCat on March 15, the actual date of the
  article !!

  MakeTheCFLGreatAgain posted the old article on March 21, six days after it was orignially posted on this forum.

Either way if the timeline of the end of March , start of April is correct then we should get an answer of yay or nay in regards to where Sinkfield winds up in 2017 within the next couple of weeks hopefully. If it's not an NFL contract then all we can do is pray that it's here and not elsewhere aka Toronto .

Thanks for defending my integrity. Obri....loves to try and attack me at every turn. Did not see his ignorant post because he's on my ignore the Idiot list. :rockin:

Just saying he posted the date of the article he wasn't pretending it was need for anyone to attack him

Thanks for coming to my defense. As a newer poster, I wasn't expecting such a backlash on something soo tedious, but I see why others choose not to come here. And it's a reminder of why I moved away from Hamilton when I started making real money. Still a Cats fan thou. See y'all from the Champions Club :slight_smile: oski wee wee

Haven't commented on this thread before. However, my friend, while I was not happy with the way you were called out for posting about an article all of 6 days old (My gosh.... I hadn't seen it before) , your own comments here at the end border on what I consider to be obnoxious and faux elitist. Be gracious, my friend, be gracious, and let others prove their lack of class.

Since I was the one who pointed out the post was about old news, I'll openly apologize for being short and sweet on my post. Should have put a smiley :smiley: face at the end so as not to offend anyone's sensitivities.

poor taste on many levels…goodbye

I understand how some people on this site can make you feel .even their apologies are sarcastic but no need to dis the hammer.your not the only one in the Champions club and I live in the city

I think people who post on anonymous internet forums need to be aware that others may disagree with them or take issue with things they say. You can't be so thin-skinned as to perceive someone pointing out the date of an article as an "attack" or a "backlash".

On the other hand, the OP's retort was clearly an attack on, well, pretty much the whole City of Hamilton. Clearly much worse than anything that came earlier in the thread. Hard to claim the high road for very long once you've chosen that path.

How's this for up to date news....
Sink is signing in the NFL... with the Vikings again..... as a DB...... :frowning: wanted him back bad!

Good, if true , we don't need him and his salary, he obviously does not want to be here , only wants to be here if he has no other options .......lots of good receivers out there ......

We already have Tolliver, Tyms and Elliott, as well as Banks. We are set at import receiver.

And Tasker. Also Collins.

Could still use more depth though.