Sinkfield...Duffie... Oh No... and then there's Hollie and..

Some tough decisions coming, I think. It's a nice problem... but a problem.

Glad we didn't cut Coach Sal though.

Wish we could keep them all. That Hollie is a dynamo, i wouldnt want to tackle him for 4 quarters.

Hollie will probably stick around a bit. Madu, IMO, is hurt more than we're all being clued in on. How come no news? With Gable out at least 4 weeks, Grigsby will probably be the man to start the season.

Just please try and spell the names right its Holley and McDuffie and they both will more than likely be on Practice Roster

Oh Boy, we're off to a great start a spelling lesson in the Middle of a football thread jeez lighten up.

I stand corrected. Realized it right after I hit the enter but no way to go back and change title. Should have checked but it was late. McDuffie I should have had but I'll take a mulligan on Holley.

vjcos: Spelling matters!!!! Especially names. Show some respect. It only takes a moment to check.

Typo's are not a big deal but I don't like it when someone spells my name wrong......and I'm not famous! :slight_smile:

You are famous here, mistersixty-twocats .... oh, sorry. :wink:
And, I do agree with your comment.

I think some good players the team might put on the Practice Roster will be snapped up by other teams who don't have the same wealth of talent as we do.

We used to be in that position BKA (Before Kent Austin).

That doesn't happen very often because, if I understand the procedure correctly, any other team would have to notify the TiCats of their intention to claim a P.R. player. The Cats then would have the option of moving that player to the Active 46-man Roster, to keep him, or allow the claim to go through. In the latter case, then the claiming team would have to make that player one of their active 46 for their next game. Such claims happen most often to fill immediate needs in positions of skill that require little playbook knowledge immediately to participate. i.e. long snappers, kickers, returners, rush ends.

"Returners" - McDuffie? I know he spent most of last year on our PR, even after his TD return. But that was late in the season when most teams had their returners already set. Now that he's shown again what he can do, other teams might be more interested, enough to make the offer.

I agree completely with your comments on McDuffie, CFiO. Any team, not happy with its best returner, an unproven in the CFL, might attempt a claim on a player like McD, designated to the P.R., when the final start-of-the-season rosters are set. Because of the importance of Speed B. to this team, and the similarities in talents, I think McDuffie might be more "injury prone" this season than last.

Yup. I can see an "undisclosed upper body injury" that miraculously heals if one of our other speedsters goes down. [knock wood]

ottawacat: Famous? On here? Wow! Aw shucks. :lol:

Was very respectful in my comment and most people do not like their names being spelt wrong including you I am sure
and to the Original Poster yes i wish we could edit Subject lines as well :slight_smile:

If Sinkfield or Banks Goes down McDuffie would be called up its kinda sad tbh the guy is lights out on a team with 2 lights out starters in front of him oh how i wish he was Canadian

Sinkfield might already be down, apparently he was pulled from the game on Monday night and was last seen on the trainers table with an ice bag on his knee. If Sink can't go for the opener and with Gable and Madu already on the shelf with injuries it looks like we could see a kick return tandem of Banks/McDuffie and a backfield combo of Grigsby/Holley to start the season.
I don't know what anybody else thinks but personally I would be okay with this scenario. It's definitely a nice problem to have when you have so much depth and talent that you can have key players out of the lineup and not skip a beat with more than capable backups to draw on. :smiley: :rockin: By the way is it just me or does Holley also remind anybody else of a clone of the "little ball of hate" Josh Ranek both in running style and in physique (Ranek- 5' 8"/205 lbs) (Holley- 5' 9"/200 lbs) :cowboy:

I would take McDuffie over Sinkfield any day, Sinkfield is hit or miss in the one or two games that McDuffie has played he has been outstanding on returns and I'm sure could add some depth to the receivers.

The play that Sinkfield made last year when the Cats signed him from the Argo's and he ran past the Argo bench and taunted the players instead of scoring the TD for the Cats still bothers me, either your a team player or your sitting on the sidelines in life!!

Hollis from Louisiana Tech is a spark on the team, the guy can play multiple positions reminds me of a mix of Chad Kackert and Wally Z he has good hands and speed.


uhh no Sinkfield >>> McD look at the positions Sinkfield has lined up as. PR / RB / WR, he was on the field so much I'm surprised they didnt have him at qb.....