Sinkfield cut by the Vikings

Terrell Sinkfield was among the Vikings cuts today as NFL teams had to get down to a training camp number of 75 before the final cut to the final 53 man roster. I'm not sure what his plans are but I for one wouldn't mind seeing him back in the Black "n" Gold for the stretch drive for the last half of this season if it's at all feasible. I know one thing for sure if he does indeed come back to the CFL I would hate to see him in another uniform. The only problem as I see it is just where and how would we slot him back into the lineup ?

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If he's available, sign him. He's a difference maker who had great chemistry with Collaros.

I know this may be important if we resign him , but do we really need two threads on the same subject ? Grover already posted this news about an hour ago .

purely accidental as it looks like Grover and me both posted approx 15 minutes apart when the news broke of his release. Grover's post had already posted while I was still editing mine and I didn't realise there was already a thread started before mine posted.

Mods if you like could you please merge both threads into one please to avoid further confusion. Thanks !!!

The Cats have apparently just signed John Chiles, so I'm guessing that they may have to pass on Sinkfield.

I think Sinkfield will catch on with another team looking for a speedy receiver or kr kind of like Thigpen

My guess is that Sinkfield will continue to explore NFL options and is therefore unavailable at this moment. The team seemed to feel they needed another WR and had to go with who they know is available. Should Sinkfield become available that could change things.

Personally, I feel Fantuz and Tasker are untouchable, and no one in their right mind would mess with the chemistry Collaros and Toliver have going right now.