I'm sure Terrell Sinkfield received a word or two from Coach Austin and maybe his team mates and he should after a couple of plays he tried to make, the one big one was the return that looked like he was headed for the end zone but than Sinkfield decides to look at the Argo bench instead, like he was saying there you go, why was I cut, stupid play, to think of himself instead of the team and score the TD.

There's a time and place for celebration but usually players do it after they score a TD and get the points for the team, a TD scored by Sinkfield on the return and Chad Owen's late TD wouldn't of mattered much in the end with the score.

The other play ofd course was the reverse in the 3rd that was botched, stupid play for team in the lead.

Sinkfields return, reminded me of Chris Williams, no matter how good he was, that game against Montreal when he ran back a kick but slowed down near the end zone to walk in and say look how good I am to the Al's, well it worked he was tackled at the one yard line by the Al's special teams player.

Hopefully the coaches will correct this in time for the next Argo match up.

I'm still shaking my head over that play. I'm trying to figure out how the thought to look over at the Arhols bench even pops into ones mind? You've got to have some serious belief in your talent level to be able to to think of anything but football while in the middle of an actual play.

I hated those mistakes, too. But this kid is a great player. That game will be his wakeup call. I want Sinkfield in there when it counts. He will deliver for us down the stretch, trust me. Austin knows it too. Sinkfield would have been cut right after the Argo game if Austin didn't truly believe in his talent.

Had he had his head in the game on two plays, they could have earned us some very valuable points.

I don't disagree about Sinkfield's talent. But his selfishness and poor execution negated those very skills.

well when we needed a big return from him at the end of the game HE DELIVERED big time. :rockin:

when he is putting up big return yards vs the BUMCRACKS all will be forgiven!!

Sinkfield is a young player and I am sure he has realized his mistakes. You can count on the fact Austin and Reinbolt have spoken to him. Looking forward to the kid improving each game.

He made a mistake, he knows it and won't let it happen again. I expect a big game from him on the 17th.

It's an honest mistake from a younger player. I have little doubt Austin pulled him aside and said something to the effect of "Look, I get they cut you, but if you do that again, I might have to bench you. You're personal beef with the Argos can't cost the team. Don't let it happen again."

From Austins's post game comments, he was pretty hard on him, both in private and in the media.

That was not an honest mistake. That was immature unproffesional and inexcusable for a player who gets paid to play. It cost us 4 pts. in a game we lost by one.

The STUPID play call of a Double Reverse when your up by 17 was the turning point, Ticats tried to rub it in and it BACK FIRED ! Argos scored a MAJOR on that series and gained HUGE MOMENTUM !!! TSN Turing point :x

I agree, I like Sinkfeild and feel he has great talent and hopefully will respond positively in the next game against Ottawa. The players are young and will learn from mistakes and hopefully take their game to the next level.

The Tiger-Cats should try Sinkfield with Banks together on returns against Ottawa, a double threat on returns and see how that pans out.

He’s obviously talented but his behavior friday + that the Argos got ride of him makes one think he could be a cancer.


He was signed by the Argos on March 13th. Made the team, was producing at a high level and they release him August 26th.
Have an explanation ?

tc23, we can agree to disagree on the double-reverse. I believe that it was a great, aggressive, play. From what I remember, (I should really PVR the games so I can go over them again) Banks was late in pitching the ball to Sinkfield, resulting in the ball being behind him, causing the fumble. I am MORE than sure Austin read Sinkfield the riot act and will follow up with a team fine, and the players will follow up with whatever players' fines/consequences/etc are in order. As Austin said, there are a few players who need to grow up. With a young team, that does not surprise me. Funny how it seems to be the International players though...

As for returns, I mentioned earlier that having Banks and Sinkfield deep on opposite hash marks, with Giguere 20-yds up and in the middle would make any ST coordinator curl up into a ball twitching uncontrollably. During The Game in 1989, we had Tony Champion and Earl Winfield (Praise Be His Name) returning kicks and punts. Scary indeed...

For a minute there, I thought this thread was about the field starting to sink. :roll:

On the reverse, was Banks late tossing the ball, or was Sinkfield early getting there? Only they and the coaches know for sure. And as Austin said, had the ball not been fumbled, Sinkfield had the entire left side of the field open and with his speed, probably would have taken it all the way. As long as he didn't decide to say "Hi" to his friends on the Arghos bench.

And it was a reverse, not a double reverse, given that the entire motion of the team was to the right, including Banks, and then Sinkfield took it left against the grain. Typically, the biggest risk in this type of play isn't a fumble, but the chance of it being anticipated by the defence. In that case, the ball carrier without any blockers would probably be tackled for a loss. The fumble was a worst case scenario, but just slightly more likely on this play than on any other play.

The fumble was more like a dropped pass likely by him looking at his next move.

Sinkfeild defiantly has a talent to run to daylight with speed. Can't imagine how the Boatmen missed his running ability. Some players need more time to develop.