Single Tickets may still be available

It looks like there are still some single tickets available for the game.

If you want to go, better grab them. The ticket sales on the web shows the game as not sold out yet. Just for kicks tried to get 2 tickets together, couldn't. But I could get 1 ticket.

Good luck rider fans.

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Singles still available. Limit 4 per person was enforced and some tickets were released.

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Some tickets for the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ home playoff game are still available.

According to Roughriders director of communications Ryan Whippler, about “20 or 30’’ seats (including some together) were available on, as of mid-afternoon Friday.
The Roughriders are to play the B.C. Lions on Saturday at 3:30 p.m., on Taylor Field in the CFL’s West Division semifinal. The Roughriders announced Monday that all 30,945 seats had been sold — but some seats have shaken free later in the week.

“Like all concerts and sporting events, certain tickets are held and if not used, they are released back into the system for sale,’’ Whippler said. “These tickets were held for the CFL and for the visiting team to purchase. Not all were used and they were put back into the system for sale.’’

There are some decent seats available. I was curious and went on the website and you can still get 2 or 3 seats together. The seats are better than the ones I bought on Monday.