Single Ticket. Question.. please help

hey everyone i was wondering if there was a way i can search for a single ticket,

i need to see if there is a seat available in BOX J row 13, seat 16, or 19...

i tried ticketmaster but it doesnt let you choose wich seat you are looking for specificly, my buddies got 17, 18 and id really like to see the game with them seeing as its his birthday lol :frowning:

if anybody knows how i can find out if either of those two seats are still available that would be a great help! thanks so much

Did you try contacting the team's ticket manager?
As recently as last year, i used to pick up extra tickets by exchanging my traditions club vouchers at the Sports Obsession store in Burlington.
They had an XXX000 "view" to which seats were available.......and i was able to choose seats that are very close to the area you want

Just call the office. I've always done exactly what you're trying and they've always been very helpful.

I wish ticketmaster would allow you to choose specific seats.

I think your best bet would be to call the Cats ticket office and speak to a real live human being.

I find the lack of precision offered by Ticketmaster's search annoying too. :frowning:

Sorry those tickets have been sold for the season.

Best bet is to visit our Store Location at 1 Jarvis, the Box Office on Game Day or call 905.547.2287 for specific seats.


Don't be sorry that seats have been sold.

Instead, say (in your best Mr. T voice) "Too bad Blitz". :wink:

lol everywun hates on the young guyz, i love it :slight_smile: