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There is no hyphen between Hamilton and Tiger. :smiley:

Well at least they got that part right. :lol:
I was just trying to find a way of emphasizing the "Tiger-Cats" part. Maybe I should have put a set of quote marks before Tiger-Cats.

The whole idea stinks... what if you use different usernames in the other forums? Now, they want you to use just one..well forget it!! The last thing I want or need is to have more spam filling my mailboxes... we get enough silliness watching the sponsor's commercials during games.. so why on earth would I want my inbox filled with the same BS?

You get spam in your mailbox? The only time I ever get anything forum related is when somebody sends me a personal message through the forums. Also, I have a separate email account from my main one that I use for things like signing on to forums, so spam doesn't matter.

CFL Fans,

Thanks for all the feedback. To continue to use the CFL forums as of July 24, 2010 every existing member will be required to use their new login. You will be given the option of linking your existing forum account with your new account, allowing you to continue using your existing nickname, friend lists and postings on the forums. If you link your accounts, you WILL NOT LOSE your historical posts. Please note that while your existing nickname will apply automatically on the forums, your account name may in fact be different.

If you don't already have a account, you can click here to create one:

Thanks again!

Aha! Some clarity. Thank you sincerely.

I guess as of the 24th, I will no longer be a member of the forum.. you do not have the option of not receiving any newsletters that are listed.. interesting that only individual eastern teams are listed.. this is what I meant by spam.. the bottom line, this is isn't broken, so why fix it? Next thing you know, this will become a pay site... :thdn:

I was pretty sure that I clicked something that said I won't recieve any of the newsletters.
Didn't think much of it when I did it anyway.

so I just tried the sign up again to confirm this, and you have to actually click on the boxes to get the newsletters. So Sambo I think you are making a big deal of absolutely nothing.

This linkage option will be available after July 24th? I have created my new login, using the same nick as I currently have on ticats. ca...I don't recall seeing any linking aspect when I did create it...


The thing that REALLY bugs me about this is that its not a choice.. it's MANDATORY, not voluntary. If all the sites are going to remain the same, why should you be forced to switch over? IT SHOULD BE YOUR CHOICE on wether or not to do so...

So now, that I dismissed your earlier claim that you were super mad at, you now move on to something else. Things change dude. They are trying to make things better on here. You complain about NIMBY's and the like, but if you look at your posts on this thread, you should see yourself as one.

Look, how many details about this change have they really given out? Which sites are they going to affiliate with? The devil is in the details... and I'm complaining about this because not once has anyone from the league has come on here and said why they think its better, but expect everyone to make the change... a little more info and I might change my mind.. but then, questioning is ONE thing makes me a NIMBY? This has raised alarm bells with me because its a sudden move, and no information or warning that the change was being made... how about consulting the members of this site before making the changes. If they are networking with facebook and twitter, how many members here have accounts with those sites.. do they even know? This a rushed thing... something is very fishy here.

I only use not the other fora, and when I created my new account of the same name I saw no linking option listed. When will we be given that option as indicated above?

I wonder if our name is the same if linking will be by default? If not, there's another techie screw-up that would have been an easy fix for those of us who keep the same username on

I am not able to fix things like our techie friends most of the time, but for sake of simplification usually I am hardly the only one who sure could make far more things as this example far simpler for more folks. Some techies just like making things more complicated because for them its "job security."

It's controling the information , they will track every website you go to this info will be passed on to marketers , It's all about the IT guys making money on their website.

Woohoo so more targeted ads for single chicks/covert whores and single moms like on Facebook et cetera? :lol:

Look how far we have come from banner ads and pop-ups online in the last ten years. :roll:

The IT guys who work for MRX, the company owned by Bob Young, the owner the TiCats, a team in the CFL, trying to make money? This can't be happening! They should cease and desist immediately! We do NOT, I repeat do NOT want the CFL to be associated with profitability! Financial failure is a tradition in these parts, and you don't mess with tradition.

Financial success that furthers the growth of the game ON the field and enhances the experience of long-term fans is one matter, but what many folks think is real capitalism that really just screws over the already loyal fans for sake of chiefly the short-term privilege of a few is quite another that we know well down here since about 2007 as "predatory capitalism" or as I prefer "crapitalism." Fundamentally that's no different than what you'd expect from some carnival barker who went to the University of PT Barnum.

The bottom line is that profit all you want but don't inconvenience or screw over your loyal customers when clearly there are far better ways to profit and enhance the long-term customer relationship.

That's the best I can explain it beyond the inherent incentive financial and beyond for sake of "lifetime customer value," but good luck explaining that to most folks particularly in the Northeast US and other spots where it's all just about those Excel spreadsheets and quarterly numbers (so they can juice their bonuses and bolt when the going gets rough of course). That includes way to many Wall Street types and MBAs nowadays whom I've come across as well. :thdn:

I'm sorry, but was doing the setup of a new account really that taxing to you?

Like come on, they have not inconvenienced me in any way that would be considered a "screw over." It took less than 5 minutes, and I assume when it gets rolling on the 24th that it will be pretty simple to "link" our accounts.

Everyone is freaking out over such a small thing.

why dosent someone from CFL admin post exactly what the reason for the changes are ? whats going to make it better for all of us how is this going to simplify things ? Is any of my personal information going to be shared with others? Are their any other options?
Look I'm just a dumb old Football fan I'm not into this Teki Star Trek mombo jombo garbage . just let me surf in peace and check my posts I just want this to be simple.

If you are concerned about your personal information, perhaps you should give the CFL Privacy Policy and Terms of Use a read?