Single Sign-on

CFL Fans,

With the start of the new CFL season now upon us, we'd like to introduce a new way to be a part of the CFL Network. We have developed an easy to use single sign-on system that will allow you to navigate around the different sites on the CFL Network, commenting and posting to forums while only having to sign in once. Included in this update will be an Facebook sign on which will allow you to sign in using your Facebook account to post comments.

In order for our fans that are currently registered on our forums to take advantage of this new feature, we ask that you create a new account for the CFL Network before July 23rd. To do so now, please go here: to set up your new account. These new accounts will be activated on July 24th and your current accounts will expire.

Thanks for your ongoing feedback as we continually work towards making the CFL Network the fan friendliest sports website in the country.

That's great can we expect some new Avatar options, (Argo ones).

Yeah seriously, get some new avatars or allow custom ones.

Custom avatars would be sweet

Is this a MUST change or just an IF YOU WANT TO change?
Please advise. I don’t use Facebook and have never had a problem once I’ve signed in to Ti-Cats to then go and post on other boards so I’m not sure what this is really all about.

Like Mark, I am not on Facebook either. Are folks like us to make these changes ?

I like the system just as it is.

Looks like another one of these IT things where instead of importing the info the user has to do it. The issue is that everyone who doesn't hurry may lose their names. Also its not specified - but likely - that our histories are going to be lost ONCE AGAIN.

For those of us who stated on in the very first few days of its existence it's actually pretty sad to lose that history. Some friends that we started with are gone. Zuger9's insights into the history of the game were fantastic. Some memorable exchanges from earlier iterations of the board are still cited every once in a while. But IT guys don't think about this OR their bosses don't tell them to put it in. Hey... I have IT guys for friends and my son was one for a while. It's just that their lives are into advancing the tech. and so those of us with a historical bent instead get lost in the rush to progress.

It's absolutely retarded if they can't migrate our existing user data to the new system. Ab-so-lu-tely R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D.

This sucks I am close to 10,000 posts and Got to start over

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I don't think there is a choice. At least that's how I interpret it.
I think they're wanting to tweak the system and I'm glad they're updating things.
If I go to the main CFL site and log in....I can go to any of the teams' forums on that site without having to login again. If I click on one of the team's logos at the top of the page [eg: B.C. Lions] I have to log in again if I want to post on the Lions' site. It works the same way for the Montreal site. When I go to the Winnipeg site it won't even recognize my current login info. Same with Saskatchewan's site.

You do not have to use facebook, it is just an option BUT the change to the new CFL Network will be mandatory from what I can tell.

Yes sad that you will loose the old info. And yes, it would seem that you can steal peoples names

We can do that NOW from have been able to for ages

I can go to any team forums without having to log back in

Winnipeg's forum is a totally different one from this, they aren't connected

I guess that's one of the reasons they see a need to upgrade.

So... when are we going to be able to use this new technology?

btw my new name is Nick :smiley: on here

Ok, I did it...Now what?

July 24

I don't do FB or anything else like it without anonymity intact if at all, and I don't care what the IT guys rant about its technology in the end the privacy is compromised more easily with those tools.

Mark's right this sucks as the current system works fine, but now the rest of us who are not techies don't think it is cool at all to be forced to do the extra work. SUCKS! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :x

We get to sit on our hands and wait for the next announcement about "technological" advancements so we can do it again? :roll:

It would be nice if someone would please correct our teams name in the "Favourite Team" drop box!!!!!!

It's NOT "Hamilton Tiger- cats"'s "Hamilton -Tiger-Cats". Capital "C" in Cats!
I can't believe our team's name was screwed up like this. :thdn: