Single Points

I know this is completely unrelated to anything going on in the CFL:

What do you think of the single point rule? If you kick it out of the endzone with a missed field goal or punt you get a single point. Frankly i think it should be taken out of the game because, sooner or later, a team is going to win a big game on that crap. (The punt rule is slightly better than the field goal one.)


It doesn't reward failure but rewards the special teams for tackling the returner inside the endzone or in the case the ball goes through the endzone it rewards the offence for being able to move the ball down the field.

It also encourages punt and missed field goal returns.

Yeah. And since when is the single point completely unrelated to the CFL?

I personally dont like the single point on a missed field goal, but that is the rule. If a defence bends and doesnt break, they should not get punished by the single point. It a debatable point, but you have to go with the way the rule is set up.

if a team losses a big game cuz of the Single point, I, like most, will be blaming the D for it, not the single, the D has pretty of room to stop the O, and they know what will happen if they get in range.

If anything, the single should be expanded to include kicked ball contact on the goal post.

You know what someone said to me after a told her about the single? "What about the ball hitting the goal post?" w/o me even mentioning it once.

That's saying something.

The rouge is staying put. End of discussion.

There is no point awarded for a missed field goal.

Is there a point scored when a field goal falls short? NO

Is there a point if the field goal hits the uprights? NO

Is there a point awarded if the field goal is blocked? NO

Is there a point awarded if a missed field goal is returned out of the end zone? NO

No point is awarded for a missed field goal.

Please read the excellent post by ROUGHYFAN a few posts back for clarification regarding the rouge.

I think it’s a great aspect of our game.

I agree that it encourages missed field goal returns, but I think it's a weak argument to say it's a reward for moving the ball down the field. An offense can move the ball 50 yards from their 1 yard line and get no "reward". I think an automatic point once you're inside the red zone is a flaw.

Just one man's opinion

That point is never automatic (as the Esks learned last year when Morgan came through to block the field goal)

But as you move closer and closer to the opposition's goalline, the probability of getting one point gets higher.

not yet, but you never know, rules change, and I think this will too become a single situation.

If anybody mentions the Kick Convert here as a reason that the single should be eliminated, you are going to get a serious beating from me.

Actually, I think that makes a pretty valid reason why the KICK CONVERT should go!!!

why, you ask? PM me and I will tell you, cuz I don't want to talk about you know what on this thread.

IMO there is a simple way do look at the single. The point is not rewarded because the field goal was missed but because the Defence did not get the ball out of the end zone. Captain Kirk show every example of when there is no point.

Now when it comes to the ball hitting the post. If there was a point scored that would be rewarding failure!

Not really, have you seen an Australian Football match? A player can kick the ball for a 6 point goal between the two large posts, and if it misses and hits the post, he still gets one point, like he would if his kick whet in between the large and small post.

No one who watches a game ever says that that's awarding failure, and it IS football (best game on Earth if you ask me)

If they did it this way, the same theory would still apply for the single, expect now the D would have to work more to stop the O cold before they get in range, and try even harder to block the kick cuz they know that the O will have an even better chance to get the Single if their in range.

At the moment, it makes no sense to give a point for kicking the ball OB and no giving a point when the ball comes close to either going in or going OB, but then hits the post for no score.

and how many times does it happen? not much, so why not?

I respect what you're sayin RO, but if your offense is stopped on the 5 yard line, and attempts a FG on the 12, they should come away with 3 points - let's face it that's an easy FG. But if the kicker misses (fails to make it) and sails it through the EZ without any chance whatsoever for a return, he's still rewarded a point. You do the math.

Why didn't the D stop the O before they got to 5 yards when they have 10 more yards to work with, 3 downs, even man strength (12 on 12), and a wider field (which can work for the D just as well as for the O)?

you answer that question for me.

We are prob arguing semantics but again the point was given not because he missed but because the D did not get the ball out.
Same situation as yours but a lineman get a hand on the ball and it does not go out of bound and they run it out!
Same failure no point If he tries a 45 yard-er and the D runs it out, Failure again but no point.

IMO in order for it to be considered rewarding failure it The point would have to be scored every-time the field goal was missed and that is not the case!

Hitting the post and scoring a point would be an example of rewarding failure!

But they DID stop them. Are you saying there's some other imaginary goal line that once you cross you're entitled to points whether you make or miss TD's or FG's???

hey, didn't stop them from getting into SINGLE range though did they?

at any time, any FG isn't a sure three points, but if you get past the 55, you have a better shot at least one point instead of nothing, which you only get if the D fails to stop you, or get the ball out. All depends on how close you get, likea FG.

There has been cases where FG kicked form the 5 haven't been singles cuz they were blocked, bad kicks, or no yards.

if your offense is stopped on the 5 yard line, and attempts a FG on the 12, they should come away with at least 1 point. That's an easy single as it is a FG.

I give an indept reply, and that’s all I get back, repetition?!? Consider yourself disproved, mister!!!

let it be noted that the same situations quoted also apply to Singles on kicked ball contact with the post.

Good points. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. But I really feel it would be such a shame if say, the Grey Cup was won on a missed field goal.


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  2. We are talikng about Canadian football not about Aussie football so using it as an example is pointless