Single points on kickoffs?

Watching game on Sunday. A couple of kickoffs went through the endzone or were downed by receiving team in endzone. I thought that those were counted as singles? Is this new?

If i'm not mistaken a kickoff that goes through the back end zone untouched is not a single point. A ball fielded and conceeded on a kickoff or a ball that goes out of bounds on the sideline in the endzone is awareded a single point....I don't have a rulebook in front of me but if I remember correctly that's how it works.

My understanding is that if the ball goes through the end zone without being touched by the receiving team there is no single. If the receiving team takes a knee in the end zone there is a point. Back in the early seventies I remember Doug Mitchell (not the commish) putting a kickoff through the uprights in the east end zone. No three points for that one unfortunately.

Here's the final line in the CFL Rules regarding single points (rouge):

NOTE: If during a kickoff, the kicked ball proceeds through the Goal Area and across
the Dead Line or Sideline in Goal without being touched, there shall be no score and
the ball shall be awarded to the receiving team at any point between the hash marks
on its own 25-yard line.

got a similar question.

Does a punt have to bounce in the field somewhere before it goes out through the endzone to award a point or can it be kicked straight out of the endzone?

It DOESN'T have to bounce, Doc. But I, for one, wish it did.

A single point is scored even if the ball is punted from the field of play, IN THE AIR, over the Dead Ball Line at the back of the endzone or angled to cross the Goal Line and then cross either Sideline within the goal area. This rule also applies in the case of a missed field goal.

Many fans dislike the awarding of a single point for a failure (missed FG) and I'd like to see the rule changed for both punts and missed FGs so that for a single to be scored, the kicked ball would have to be touched by an opposing player within the endzone, OR touch the ground within the endzone.

Agreed, singles on all kicks should only count if those kicks are returnable; that is, having touched the endzone before going out of bounds or having touched a return team player.

The majority of CFL fans for some reason seem opposed to this and will argue that if you’ve earned the field position to do so, its perfectly fair to be awarded a point for hoofing a ball from the 20 yard line to row 13 of the endzone seating without any hope of a return.

I for one would cringe if a Grey Cup were decided in this way. At least run down there and make a tackle for the point.

I like the rouge rules as they stand. A team is defending its GOAL AREA, not its GOAL POSTS.

As long as the back dead-ball line or sidelines are not involved on a kickoff, then the single point rewards a team for securing the field position necessary to ensure that a ball cannot be returned over the opponent's goal line either from a fielded kickoff or on a scrimmage play from a FG attempt or a punt. Call me old school. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


Thanks. Agreed on the rule change, that could make for some interesting stuff.

Me too.

I am waiting for the critical last second play when a Canadian(or smart American) player receives a pass or runs toward the endzone and punts the ball on the run with the hope of recovering it or scoring the game winning single point. This unique Canadian play is what I love about the CFL. The No Fun League would rather have you see grown men in a circle intently watching a rolling football. Where are the new Ralph Toohys and Billy Grahams? :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

That would be cool to see. Stala has a pretty good leg for it.


and I started the thread about something else.

I'm a big fan of old time rules and football, but I like the suggestion for the bounce or touch as a wasy to keep the rouge and not make it too easy.

The current rules were great back in the day when Tommy Joe Coffee came off the line and did the kicking. In most cases they didn't have the range. Cutler and Andryshyshyn changed all that. With all the specialists today (many teams have separate punters and place kickers) it is way too easy to boom one through.

I'm old school on this too.

The rouge is for kicking a ball into or through the opposing team's end zone and not allowing them to bring it back out.

It's not a question of rewarding a failure to make a field goal as some people argue; it's a reward for success in forcing the opponent into their end zone.

I would award a rouge for any kick, including a kick-off, that accomplishes this, including a kick-off that goes through untouched. If it's too easy to do that these days because of stronger kickers (what really did it was the advent of soccer-style kickers), then it seems to me a better solution to move the kick-off point back five or ten yards rather than to make an exception to the rouge rule for one particular type of kick.