Single point explanation please

I love the CFL as you all know, but am still trying to wrap my head around the single point rule. What are it’s origins of the rule? and… Why does it sicken me to see McAllum struggling so bad but his team recieving a point for everyone of his misses??

If Sask. wasn’t awardedapointfor his three misse field goals, then Hamilton would only be down by six right now instead of nine.

A single point is called a convert…after a TD…or a ROUGE [French for RED]

most balls that are kicked through the end zones are not TOUCH BACKS as in the NFL…they are worth 1 point …if the other team doesn’t run the ball out of the end zone… :smiley:

A player can go down on 1 knee in the end zone and get the ball at the 35 yard line…but they give up 1 point…

or if it is kicked out of the back of the end zone on punts and field goals… :smiley:

JC, I deal with this tommorow or maybe Ro can expain it to you, he does it better than me.


With the ability to understand them, YES omg they’re great.

/me leads the CFL-rulebook-for-the-NFL movement.

the single point is for anytime a ball is kicked through the endzone, or not taken out by the retuner…like in the NFL…except the ball is placed at the 35 yard line.

this only occurs if the opposing team gains control in the endzone…if a team has the ball outside the endzone , and takes it backwards into their own endzone…it is a safety, exactly like in the NFL.

Here is what you guys are forgetting about the single point rule. From what I have seen in the NFL, once the ball is kicked during a field goal, it is considered a dead ball and if the kicker misses the field goal then the opposing team gets the ball where the kicking team had it. In the CFL, the ball is still live, meaning that someone can return the ball out of the endzone Or any where else on the field.

Keep that in mind when you guys bitch about the single point rule.

The Tigercats Shouldn’t have been in that game anyways.

Some people hate them…but it adds a whole NEW level of excitment to the game…you never know what is going to happen and a team has to run the ball out or give up a single point…example…

American coaches tend to forget about it and try to kick a field goal…instead…that cost the ARGOS 1 game in over time, because they hit the up rights of the posts trying a FG…and it was a dead ball.


All OTTAWA , needed was 1 point to win…they could have just punted it through the end zone for the win…

This helps a team when they are down by 1 and point and need to tie…to send it to OT.

I like the one point rule because it means theres a consequence to the play, it could cost you one point, and perhaps a game, theres nothing like a last second punt, trying to get a point to tie or win, and the recieving team trying to avoid giving up the point.

I was at a game at SkyDome a few years back where on the last play of regulation, with the score tied, the Argos tried a field goal to win. It was wide and Lee Knight (showing my age here, I guess) who was standing right at the back of the end zone LEAPED into the air to corral the ball before it crossed the dead ball line. He then kicked it out (not a bad kick for a RB) and just before it went out of bounds Paul Masotti caught it and tried to kick it back in. He shanked it of course, and my Cats went on to win in overtime, but three kicks on one play!

You won’t see THAT in the NFL!

The single point isn’t a reward for missing a field goal, it’s a reward for the offensive team for downing a kicked ball in the other team’s endzone.

I find it exciting when a game is tied or the kicking team is down by one point, and a field goal sails wide. The defending team MUST get it out of the end zone by running or kicking the ball out.
Just like BigDave, I’ve seen defending teams put 3 players (including the punter) in the end zone behind the goal posts to punt the ball back out of the end zone if the field goal goes wide! Also, how many times have we seen missed field goals returned for touchdowns? It happens every year, even in teh odd Grey Cup game!

It adds an exciting extra rugby-style element to the sport that we would miss if they eliminated the extra point…

I think its a great rule. More people would also if they would stop thinking of it as a point for missing a field goal

Ro, G’day!

Would you please give your wondiful expinasion of the Single, please? :wink:

I think singles are awesome because it is much easier to score at any time of the game. This is one of the main reasons i like the CFL better then the NfL singles add a whole new excitement to the game.

This one?
Sorry bout the size of some words I just c&p it. It was more fitting in the other thread

I’ve said it many times before and I will keep on saying it untill people get it right. The point is not for missing a field goal. IF Landry or Stokes run back a missed field goal for a TD, does the kicking team get a point? Huh ?Huh?Do they? Do they? No, they dont so then I guess there is no point for a MISSED FIELD GOAL.
The point is awarded because the receiving team FAILLED to get the ball out of the endzone

Although it can produce some exciting plays, I don’t see why a team should be awarded for missing a field goal or punting it into the other team’s endzone.

Because the ball crosses the other team’s goal line, that’s why.

The defense should be keeping the opponents in their end of the field so they don’t get any points, including singles.

I think it’s perfect.

Ask yourself this…

If Paul McCallum attempts a long field goal that lands 5 yards short of the goal posts… are the roughriders awarded a point?

Think of it like a basketball game, you get 2 points for making a shot from almost anywhere, but if you make a more difficult shot you get 3 points.

Same in the CFL… you get 1 point for kicking the ball anywhere past the goal line, or 3 points for making a more difficult kick through the uprights.

There’s one other point that makes the rouge frivilous in the NFL: the placement of the goal posts.

In the CFL, the goal posts are at the front of the end zone; whereas, in the NFL, they stick the uprights out of bounds at the back of the end zone; thus, negating any possibility of a return on a wide right (or left) field goal attempt. But with all this debate, I bet that Scott Norwood was wishing there was a rouge in the NFL 14 years ago in Tampa.

It has nothing to do with kicking it past the goal line. Again if the missed field goal is run back fo a TD does the kicking team get a point. The point is awarded if the recieving team does not get the ball out of the endzone.