Single point excitement.

All those people who don’t like the single point, I think you have to admit that when Edmonton tied the game up with 2:40 left in the game have to admit now that it made it quite exciting.

Imagine now if Mtl had missed their field goal and Edmonton would have had to punt it out of the endzone to save the single.

I’m sure the everyone who was watching the game would have had their hearts stop untill the play was over.

On a seperate note, My heart stopped when Ray was almost sacked in the endzone on their final play before the punt.

That game was a perfect example of why the Rouge Rules!!!
Landry returns a missed fieldgoal for 125 yards and a Touchdown and Duval hits the winning FG on the last play of the game, otherwise yeah Edmonton would have kicked the ball out of the endzone to avoid giving up the winning single.


I loved that 91 yard Single by Winnipeg last week! Awesome! but hopfully it will not be the high light of the BB’s 75th season.

That run by Landry is a great example of why the Single needs to say! My heart was in my mouth the whole time!!!

Correct me if I’m worng but there was a Edmonton player that gave up a single late in the game, why did he do that? idoit! and Ray almost gave up a safety (not that was exciting!). Too bad the game didn’t go in OT. Oh well…


No, Edmonton gave up a single in the 3rd Landry gave up the single in the 4th and you could see he was not sure what to do, give it up or get out.

Ray almost giving up a safty not exciting???
Are you forgetting that it would have given Mtl 2 points and the ball??? with
10 seconds left in the game.

Actually is was Ezra Landry who gave up a single late to make it 29-29, He couldn’t get out of the Endzone, that’s all part of the beauty of the rouge!

Long live…the ROUGE…it keeps the game Canadian and adds a whole other level to the game.

I think i am grasping things now folks!!!

Ezra Landry gave up that single (from my point of view anyway) because he had to make a decision as to either save the single point (and possibly get tackled inside the 5) or eat the point and have his team start at the 35, beautiful rule!!

I am getting it now…the CFL simply FORCES you to work for every point you get unlike the NFL. :idea:

RIGHT ON…and missing a field cause 125 yard TD run backs , some times… :shock:

That is the best quote about single points , that I have ever read…geo! :wink: It is to the point.

Pardon me! I made a typeo! I meant to say “(Now that was exciting!)” silly me! sorry everyone! :oops:

You are getting it. That is exactly the point of the single.


You are bang on geo365. The single point or rouge has always been a part of the Canadian game. It means the ball is always in play between the back line of one End Zone to the other. That’s a lot of playing surface my friend.

I remember a tied playoff game in Winnipeg against Saskatchewan. The Riders missed a last second field and the Bombers punted the ball back out of their end zone. A Rider player caught the ball and punted it back in, only to have a Bomber chase the ball down and punt it back out. Not a single person in the stadium was sitting in their seat and the excitement was unbelievable. All this with no time left on the clock. Only in the CFL!!!

that reminds me of the time last year when Terry Vaughn caught the ball in front of all his teammates, then punted it, and since his teammates were behind him when he punted it, it was an onside punt, and October almost got it in the endzone for the TD

Speaking of October, where is he.? He didnt play last night

he is cut

He’ll be back in the CFL by October…count on it. 8)

[b]October October…right? I know I’m losing it…

Hey it’s like if that actress named Tuesday Welds from the old black and white films. If she would have married Fredrick March lll , who was another actor from that era her name would have been Tuesday March the 3rd.[/b] :roll:


october may be done in the CFL, but again he may find a home

quit peeing your pants, the single point is almost as bad as the 5 yard restraining zone on kick returns.

w/o the 5 yards, kick returners would walk off the field with concussions every play, it’s better than a fair catch

should have clarified, the penalty for infringing on the 5 yard restraining zone, sometimes it has no bearing on the return what so ever yet the flag is thrown, ala the single point, if the single wasnt awarded the field goal would still be what the game comes down to.