Single Game Tickets??

When the 2017 Schedule came out a few of my pals in Toronto, and myself (in BC) were pretty excited about meeting up on July 29th for the Argo's game in Regina.

With the new stadium, I'm hearing that its pretty much sold out.

Are there single game tickets still to be had?

Also, whats a decent hotel near the new Taylor Field?

Good question.

In the past the Riders have capped the season ticket sales so that there were around 5000 available for singles and such. I heard a rumor that they were changing that for 2017 because of the waiting list, which is now up to 8000. Singles may be hard to find, BUT, make sure you check out the ticket exchange because lots of people resell on there.

Singles are not actually on sale. I think that starts June 1, but I recommend touching base with them:

As for hotels, if you are meeting up with friends in said manner I am going to take the liberty of assuming you will be looking to consume multiple adult beverages…you know…get twisted…so that is a factor in it all. There are some nice places further away, but anything you save you spend on cabs so yeah. I will also assume you are cabbing or 2 feet and a heartbeat as you are flying in.

This should hopefully give a good view on the hotels I would probably look at (collapse the side panel):

[url=,-104.6207356,15.53z] ... 356,15.53z[/url]
  • NMS is located center of left side of screen between the sportsplex and brandt center / evraz place
  • Ignore Empire Hotel

You may have to zoom a bit to see some of the names below (mainly 4-point and Hotel Saskatchewan)

Both of these are right by the Casino
Both of the these are also fairly close (a few blocks) from the downtown pubs, which is nice.
Both fine hotels

  • Delta is alright, and right across from the Casino and only takes like 10 minutes (ok, 15 to new stadium) to walk to.

  • Wingate is a respectable place and right beside Delta so.

  • Holiday in Express…never been but heard it is alright. nice and central between Casino and downtown…still close to the Casino. If you go here make sure you book the right Holiday in or you are way way east near white city (which isn’t a bad thing, it is a nice area and you will often see the cheerleaders and a few players in a particular establishment…but you ain’t walkin)

  • Hotel Saskatchewan/Ramada/Double Tree all near the bottom of the screen

  • all good hotels. all 20-25 minute walks from the stadium, all 10 minute walks to the casino, all very near Victoria Park. Hotel Sask is “right” at Vic Park…which is nice. Oldschool hotel, so expect smaller rooms, but it is nice. Vice Park area provides a lot of options for dining and a lot for nightlife.

Quality Hotel is right close to. It is cheaper but acceptable. It actually has (as of last season) a floor that you can smoke on if that matters to you…we went there for drinks but the smoking rooms are rundown…I think the other rooms are alright, but it is definitely a star down from the others.

Up to the north across the tracks is 4 Points. I think it is pretty new and I have never been there but imagine it is fine (we bought a house in Regina in 2013 so don’t hotel any more). It is on Dewdney, and the pubs along there are pretty solid as well. Might not want to stick around till last call if things get sketchy at all…but until at least 1-130am they are just fine.

I know Residence Inn by Marriott Regina is right beside the new stadium (like a block away) and have heard it is nice. Problem is I don’t think a lot has developed "after party"wise right there…So I would be iffy on staying there as it is a pretty long walk at god knows what time from the downtown or Dewdney bars

personally I would look at Hotel Saskatchewan/Ramada/Double Tree because it gives you a lot more options for nightlife by foot.

If you are totally unfamiliar with Regina or want some info on bars/clubs/pubs or whatever then others and myself will be happy to try to help.

Wow, thank you for that awesome response.

I'm driving from Vancouver, my pals are flying from TO.

The nightlife suggestions are great.

no problem. as you are diving, then parking is a consideration as well.

the parking at the hotels by the will be paying for...10 or 15 bucks a big deal. Wingate is actually attached (skywalk) to the parkade, with is nice. Delta is 15 bucks and a block away or 20 bucks and right there

Holiday Inn is there or across the street and 10 bucks.

Quality is right there and I think 10, 5 or 10 more for u/g secure parking...but there is room to park on the street for free

hotel sask is 15...20 for parking.

I dont recall the others off the top of my head but they are likely the same. The stuff on the south side of Vic generally has some level of free street parking available.

PS...get beer / booze for the hotel room away from the downtown core. A couple of there are way jacked up prices.

Does anyone know what the situation is for standing room seats in the south endzone? Is it ground level or does the concourse surround the south endzone as well. Those are the only tickets left for the Winnipeg regular season opener 10 minutes after they went on sale if you wanted more than a single seat.

The standing rows in the south end zone have about 5 different tiers, called Pil Country. Basically from field level up to the first concourse level. I don't think they are numbered / labeled - so my guess it's rush seating. Fit in where you can. I may be wrong here, I am going off of memory of a tour I had in March time frame.

There's always the source: 1-888-474-3377 option 3 or email

Go Riders.