Single Game Betting on the Grey Cup

Provinces are looking for more revenue. Isn't this an untapped area? Each Lotto Corporation sets this up for this special event and playoffs also? CFL gets a cut, Provinces, charities - I think it's a good idea.

Probably the only Professional League that can do it as it doesn't cross the border and its Headquartered in Canada.

We could have some fun with it and I would like to do this.

I also want to buy 50/50 tickets "on line" knowing they will use the money for a good cause. We should be able to do this through ticketmaster or the Lotto corporations or something. To have a $2M pot won buy someone at the game or watching at home? An event all by itself.

Betting on the GC - everyone, every group makes money off of the CFL and we can have some fun. Fashioned after the office pools or to win - I wouldn't have a preference.

Far too much untapped money not to do something

Don't understand it's like a charity or what, are you winning money or giving them

I don`t think there's any appeal to betting on CFL games. You would need six games every week for it to start to have any attraction (six games would be more exciting than four). At least that's how I feel.

Better to stick to the horse racing.

I agree single game betting should be available. Would love to see that happen for all sports. Some US states have legalized it already, hoping Canada follows suit.

50/50 tickets are sold online in Ontario. The Ticats as well as the Jays Leafs and Raps all sell them online. Not sure about other CFL teams.

What I feel about betting on the CFL is similar to how others feel about fans who go to the concourse to watch a game in a social setting.

Tough to understand, and I don't agree with it, but I admit it is needed to grow the game.