Single Division League?

Here is an argument for a single division league. Consider that in the west with 2 weeks left in the season, the playoff picture is completely set. In the east, the playoff teams have been established as Hamilton is out. Let’s take a look & see what the league would look like if the divisions were abandoned.

2006 CFL League Standings as of October 17:

BC 11 5 22pts 2 Games Remaining
CGY 10 7 20pts 1 GR
TOR 10 6 20pts 2 GR
MTL 9 7 18pts 2 GR
SSK 8 8 16pts 2 GR
WPG 8 8 16pts 2 GR
EDM 5 11 10pts 2 GR
HAM 4 13 8pts 1 GR

Let’s assume a 6 team playoff with 1 & 2 earning byes while 3-6 play in the first round. Here BC wouldn't be wind-milling through its final two games as it still would have to fend off Toronto for 1st place & the right to play the worst team in the semi-final to the Grey Cup. Calgary would have both Toronto & Montreal on its tails for the right to host a Grey Cup semi-final instead of coasting through its final game. Saskatchewan would still be in the running for its first home playoff game since forever.

With the CFL making very little noise right now, a single division league would at least provide some compelling playoff scenarios & increase the number of meaningful games toward the end of the season. It would be good to gain exposure instead of having the sports media focus so heavily with the baseball playoffs which without the Jays have absolutely nothing to do with the sporting scene in this country.

I admit the run in the east is compelling. But bringing some of these western teams into the fold would add to the suspense heading into the playoffs.

I'm also a fan of tradition & seeing the East & West titles go would be a tough pill to swallow but bringing significance to the otherwise lame-duck games we get this time of year is important in selling the CFL. Perhaps the division titles could be retained & awarded to the team with the best regular season record in the classical East & West divisions without playoff scenario implications.

no thanks.. I'll stick with tradition!

I dont honestly really like the idea...

Mind you, with the Jays the baseball playoffs, it still would have absolutely nothing to do with this country...

I'm not really liking the single division thing either. Its an interesting idea but the one division thing just doesn't seem to jive with me too well.

now way does anybody ever want to see a caled cup, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hard enough to get easterners to watch one of their own teams.

It's not every season that the playoffs are determined two weeks ahead of time, even in one division. There's no point to changing the structure just because the regular season didn't go down to the wire (in one division) one year.

good words canuck normally it comes down to the last week of the season to decid playoff teams and where they finish and this year just didn;t happen. I think 1 division would be retarded.

Like Tevye the Milkman said in 'Fiddler on the Roof' "... Tradition, Tradition!!"

Back off and leave it East vs. West!!!!!!!

And lose the crossover! :wink:

I agree, the cross-over should be toast. That of course leaves the possibility of a 7-11 team winning the Grey Cup. CLose enough however to the 8-10 2000 BC Lions & 8-10 2001 Calgary Stampeders.


Everyone knows how I hate change.

..that comes with age and being set in your ways sport...but i know you're really just a traditionalist...and not aged at all....just like me.... :thup: :lol: :lol:

Maybe the CFl could experiment this senerio like they did with the American teams and the chanlenge flags.IMO its worth a try, then can always change it back. Or they can do like the NHL does keep the divisions and the six teams with the best record make the playoffs with the two highest getting a bye.

Don't like the idea!
East vs. West is best.

I don't hate the crossover because it keeps teams more honest in their efforts to compete, but the east/west rivalry sustains the league and if you ever had Calgary vs. Edmonton in the Grey Cup 3 years in a row, kiss the TV ratings goodnight.

Keep both divisions and add some teams, somehow.

Since the cross-over was brought in, this is a rare year that all the playoff teams are in with two weeks to go. However, look at the games left, the west is highly involved in the outcome of the east’s competition for home playoff games. WpgvsCal, SaskvsTor, EdmvsMtl. And depending on how things go, the last week of the season still has MtlvsTor, and BCvsWpg.

Yes the west is heavily involved in the east's outcomes but the western teams will now rest their starters & not necessarily play to win, thus diminishing the competative value of those games. With a single table of standings, these western teams would still be playing to win, & not for the sake of avoiding injury for the playoffs.

my thoughts exactly......... a 10 team league would be great, we need at least 2 teams in each division to not make the playoffs, a 12 team league would be even better...... but ottowa i starting to hinder my dream of a 12 team league

where do you put 3 other teams?