Single Biggest FA signing?

Who is the single most impactful FA signing?

I’m torn between Josh Bourke in Toronto and Trevor Harris in Ottawa.

I’ll go with Harris.

#1..........Ted Laurent-Hamilton
#2..........Josh Bourke-Toronto
#3..........Trevor Harris-Ottawa
#4..........Justin Medlock-Winnipeg
#5..........Andrew Harris-Winnipeg

As far as Harris's impact it depends on which starting QB gets hurt.
If Ricky Ray goes down, then the loss of Harris will have a negative impact on TOR.
If Henry Burris goes down, then the signing of Harris will have a positive impact on OTT

Josh Bourke is a strong candidate, but I am partial to Ted Laurent for obvious reasons

Yes, Ted Laurent signing is good news for Hamilton, but he was already with Hamilton. I exclude players who re-signed/signed with their team.


Well that's great Richard. I appreciate you defining your terms of this thread for everyone else.
But importantly. Maybe actually give your own opinion. the OP on this...teams signing their own FA is solid.

And if those released by teams prior to FA-Day are included, I'm thinking Chick and Dressler would have to be considered. But not sure if they crack Bobo's top five, which I'm thinking is bang-on.

And I agree - re-signings after FA-Day should be included.

....Harris was the biggest signing....which one....toss up :lol:

Macho !!!!!!! :lol:

What if neither Ray or Burris gets hurt?

Or what if Kilgore is as good or better than Harris?

The OP's question was "Who is the single most impactful FA signing?"

Trevor Harris's impact would be negligible in your scenarios.

Harris IMHO the biggest signing and he will learn plenty from Burris whether Burris plays a lot or is on the sidelines, Henry knows the CFL game very well even if he isn't able to execute what he wants all the time.

If you measure the add vs takeaway, there is no question. Its Josh Bourke.
If you just look at add, its Duron Carter and Vaughn Martin but that's an opinion.

[ol]- Justin Medlock

  • Duron Carter
  • Josh Bourke[/ol]

....LOL..... maybe BIG in your mind bobo.... and I would guess cuz of his mucho macho.... :lol: :lol: No it's not the macho man.. :lol:

Brought to you by Kyle "I can't recruit" Walters :lol: brought to you by " I require training camp fodder" Walters... :wink:

"We need better players"

3 years on the job... :lol:

…and speaking of 3 years on the job…hasn’t that been the length of time Popp has been dumping resumes down south…and speaking of training camp fodder…it appears that’s why Popp signed Muamba…a little expensive though compared to Macho :lol:

The Alouettes have supplied the league with coaches and GMs, and players too. We may be in a downturn, but Jim Popp has always been able to recruit.

Building a team of FA's is expensive and eventually will create issues when you need to resign them. Most FA"s got one year contracts. Agents and Players love this as it gives their clients and players a significant raise each year. Building with FA's is short term gain long term pain. Just saying! As far as the biggest FA signing they are big to each team how they work out with their new respective teams is the key! GM's that do this get themselves in a bind sooner or later when it comes to signing their vets.