Single Best FA Signing?

Who do you think the single strongest FA signing was?

For me it was Alex Bazzie for Edmonton. The guy is a hybrid LB/DE who is the closest thing the CFL has had to a Lawrence Taylor in a long time. Can drop and cover, tackle with intent and rush a QB with the best of them. Can transform the EE defense.

TJ heath Back to Toronto for me.

as luck has it, we were able to reacquire a player that was traded in the what many (including myself) think was the most ludicrous (and disrespectful) trade of 2016

Drew Willy re-signing with the Alouettes! :stuck_out_tongue:

Eddy Haskell, Jr. has had quite a CFL career - mostly as a salary-inhaling mope!

For comic relief?

For me (and yes, I'm biased), it's got to be Ted Laurent. Signed for less than he was making last year, and still a ratio buster, especially with Capicciotti also on the d-line.

........Bombers signing Fenner...As far as I'm concerned he was B.C.'s best defensive player....The Peg won't miss a beat with the departure of fact they got a whole lot better with the signing of Fenner

DT Euclid Cummings - signed with BC

For me, toss up of Konar re-signing in Edmonton or Campbell to the Als.

Johnny knew you would like that one Lyle! :slight_smile:

Can you believe Willy will be 32 in 2018, and Kavis Reed still thinks it is worth it to kick his tires?!

Really? We don’t know who Willy is yet? ::slight_smile:

Bombers signing Adarius Bowman for $140,000 changed everything.

Calgary signing Derek Dennis, a close second.

Willy only 32 ?? That should make him one of the youngest guys on the team .
Keep em coming Kavis !!! ;D

Willy had this to say to Kavis after he found out that he actually wanted to re-sign him .:smiley:

Without looking too closely, I would say the Als are significantly younger that a year ago.

Well guess what ? I just took a close look at their current roster and by my count they have 21 players that are 30 yrs of age or older . :o

Very true Bobo. The Als are still a team of old players. There is even talk that Nik Lewis might play another season.

Reed's prized free agent signing Jamaal Westerman will be 33 years old tomorrow!

the opposite end of the age spectrum, the Montreal Alouettes are the oldest team, with an average age of 28.3 years at the end of the season.
It is presently approaching a year younger than that (about 3/4 of a year). That is a significant swing in one off-season, and he made it younger the year before as well. He has the team easily over 1.5 years younger within a couple of years. I'm all for knocking Kavis about a lot of things, but when it comes to building a younger team he is definitely trending in the right direction.

Atop of this, Nik Lewis is still listed on there and him coming off will drop it more, unless he has decided to play one more season. Yeah, he has some older players, but there are presently 47 under 30 and 34 under 28. 16 of those under 28 and 21 of those under 30 are nationals.

To get younger, do you drop Westerman? Cox (yes, they need to find his replacement this season at some point even if he is with the club another year)? Bowman (even if his best is behind him he is still solid). Logan I could understand at 36. I will agree that they Fd up pretty bad last season by letting certain guys on the OL go.

Very interesting choice A.

I too like the Campbell choice in Mont.
And Konar....ya very often the best FA choice is the FA you retain.

Correct. Although, I'd say Solly Elimimian was our best defensive player (but Fenner was right behind him). Plus he is a special teams demon. I wish we could have retained him.

Aaron Grymes with Edmonton. Biggest signing of FA in terms of an elite defensive halfback (probably the best in the league).

Orlondo Steinhauer returning to the Cats as assistant head coach .

Franklin In Toronto has potential to be the biggest .