Singh set to join Argos?

Just finished reading the article about SINGH possibly joing the Argos. The artilce is on the home page of this website so I do not think I need to post it here.

Anyway, I do not know a lot about our o-line and wondered what others thought about him. Should the ticats try to get him or not? Also since he was born in Fiji but raised in Canada, is him an import or non-import?

Actually did some more looking around myself and found this article on TSN

SO based on that I may have answered my own questions unless someone has more info about him.

The Ticats have lots of cheaper Canadian competition at the guard spots (where Singh is said to be slotted if Toronto picks him up), so there is no room for Singh in Hamilton.

Plus, he's a greybreard with an often damaged arm.

You can have him, Double-Boo.