sincere thanks to rider fans

thank you that the riders are one team we never have to worry about folding
thank you that the riders could win 10 games in 10 yrs and yet the best fans in the world would still put 24000
in the seats. :rockin:

thank you thank you thank you. cause boy are you going to be needed

Are you trying to troll Killer? :lol:

Your Welcome :smiley:


Your acount has been hacked by the Hot 100 thus being a Riderfan :lol:

no, I am truly worried that the riders might be in store for a few bad yrs again.

you are in the wrong room, you wanna be two doors down to the right. look for a giant golpher

Only if they stupid enough to keep Taman and Berry
The talent is there. The schemes and accountability are not.

Exactly. The game tonight proved we have the ability to win but not how to put it into play.

Wouldn't Taman be in charge of that Talent?

Taman would be in charge of accountability. And most of the talent pre-dates Taman.

...explain genus, family, order, class, phylum, and kingdom of the animal you have identified?

or did he mean a giant golfer? Im confused? Do this ^^^^^^^^

:thup: :thup:

that would be a golfing gopher

sheesh, doesnt anybody know anything 8)