Sincere Condolences

My Wife and I offer our thoughts, Prayers, and sincere condolences to all Canadians, especially the friends and families of the victims of the tragic shooting in La Loche.
We stand with our Canadian neighbors during this sad and grieving time.

Than you to you and your wife Challenger.
Very kind of you.

However, I must ask. How did you find out about this in the US.

Did a US news network mention a shooting in Canada ?

This tragedy has been reported on CNN, CBS, NBC, Reuters and many newspapers here in the States.

OK, I think the US media is trying to send a message to the US people that shootings are not just a US problem.
A problem in general regardless of country.

Again, thanks for you respect and compassion.

We get a lot of news out of Canada good bad funny happy sad quirky all types..
So there is no message other than heres some news lets print it