Since We're Finding Out Who's Made Their Respective Team...

Who are the big names to get cut? Or anything suprising happen?

ranek and mitchell cut from eskimos

The Als cut Uzooma Okeke

really? I thought hed make it

The bombers cut Barrin Simpson, Milt Stegall and Charles Roberts...then added Brian Urlacher, Chad Johnson and LaDanian other news though...

Yeah, the Rider's roster got a whole lot sweeter when Walter Payton signed with the team yesterday.

He was the final cut.
He had been with the team for 10 seasons

Do you think he will get signed or is he done

The Als offered him a job in the front office and he said he was leaning towards it.

Thats alright then.

Lots of older guys getting cut.

Lot's a RB's out there that no one seems to want. lol.

Well they say RBs are a dime a dozen these days the 'Have Incriminating Picture of Football Operations Bigwig' category P Duncan O'Mahoney made the Stamps roster, along with Burke Dales...figure that one out...

Is he injured? Dales was absoultely booming punts on Friday, I think only Jon Ryan has a stronger leg than that guy.

...pfft, beats me...we're all pretty confused about it....rw05 was going to see if Ted Hellard could explain it the next time he is on they are keeping him for trade bait....

definitely a head scratcher, especially since he might get lost on his way to his new team :wink:

This doesn't make it any less of a headscratcher but:

Sources said Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Calgary and Hamilton have discussed the kicker. [b]Most intriguing is the Stamps, rumoured to be looking at dumping league scoring leader Sandro DeAngelis to reduce[/b] [b]payroll[/b].
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Considering Mahony was a worse fieldgoal kicker, than punter,it would be nuts to think they would go that route.
Plus after listening to 05 tell us all winter how the Stamps had this cap thing all figured out....
But if it's in black and white, it must be true....

Ha ha, more trouble in paradise, good catch there Arius.

This is getting very interesting now......

Once again, Lions have trouble making a trade

By Lowell Ullrich,
Vancouver Province

First on, first off, first out?

Rob Pikula was one of the first players to walk off the artificial surface adjacent to the Lions' practice facility in Surrey used by the CFL club for the first time Monday -- noteworthy for the fact he may not be back to do it again today.

Coach Wally Buono is trying to trade the 25-year-old kicker, having discussed Pikula with at least four other clubs in recent days.

But with CFL teams forced to set their rosters on the weekend, the Lions may not have picked the best time to find a team willing to part with an asset.

"I've got to make a decision, but I'm not going to get into my options," Buono said.

The Lions were hoping to create a bidding war for a non-import kicker who had a 48.2-yard punting average and hit six of seven field goals filling in for Paul McCallum last season.

Sources said Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Calgary and Hamilton have discussed the kicker. Most intriguing is the Stamps, rumoured to be looking at dumping league scoring leader Sandro DeAngelis to reduce payroll.

But Buono hasn't had much luck taking kickers and trying to gain back assets in trade lately. It might be the same with Pikula.

Buono tried dealing Sandro Sciortino last year when teams picked over the remains of the Renegades and found no buyers.

If the same thing happens with Pikula, the Lions could keep him on their 46-man roster for the second straight year and hope for a nibble later.

A more likely scenario is that Buono will either cut Pikula today or ask him to take a practice roster spot, which would also mean the Lions get nothing for the sophomore.

Opponents can claim practice roster players and provide no compensation by merely placing them on their active roster, which is why a favoured CFL strategy is for teams to simply wait out rivals who have few roster options. In the middle of it all is a soft-spoken kicker who doesn't know whether to pack his bags.

"I could get traded or I could be here all year," said Pikula. "All I know is [Buono] said he's trying to trade me, and I appreciate him telling me that."

Why make a trade when you can plunder the PR.

The source of this story about Sandro is untrue. It seems the writer has misunderstood or he decided to add his own take. But I heard on the radio the story is not true. :lol: :lol: