Since Les Alouettes de Montréal Are Already In.....

Does anyone think that a few of their starters will rest or will they be gunning for top spot in the East?


There will be no backing off, they will bring it all! Our job is to bring more by playing hard and fast on both sides of the ball.

seeing as first place is on the line, I highly doubt it.

if they win or lose by less than 8 they get a bye to the eastern finals and host it.

why rest players when you can just win and get a bye week therefore everyone gets to rest.

Not with first on the line, no way. The only thing that they will do is if a key player like Crompton or SJ Green gets dinged up and becomes questionable due to injury, they might favor pulling them out then pushing them.

Not a chance. Montreal has a chance to play the “spread” and save themselves a game against the Western crossover team that could end up being a Durant led Rider team and then play for the “win” at home. They are as motivated as the Tiger-Cats.

So gunning then?

Absolutely, they have a win streak, a week vacation, a bigger playoff bonus and home final to play for.

:thup: Yep! Well said! :thup:

Agreed Montreal will be gunning for first but and it's a big but, all eastern teams have had a difficult time this year winning on the road and the Cats are 5-0 at Tim Horton's Field since opening day, tough place for a visiting team to win in, great fan noise and lots of it will make especially difficult on Montreal this Saturday.

Let's hope the Cats come out fired up and ready to role, not role over.


The Als dont' have to win, they just have to keep it close and if you look at the scores between these teams the last few years. They are tightly contested games most often than not.

31-38M in Montreal 7 points
19-16H in Hamilton 3 points
24-27H in Hamilton 3 points
5-36M in Montreal 31 points
26-28H in Hamilton 2 points
24-39H in Hamilton 15 points
29-31M in Montreal 2 points
28-41H in Hamilton 13 points

BIGCAT wrote: Let's hope the Cats come out fired up and ready to role, not role over.
Like that line BC, nice!

Yes, very close most of the time. And, if I read your list correctly, all home team wins. Let's hope that trend continues!

Would have been good if he'd used the right word (roll, not role).

Home field is really big between those two teams.

So this thread was over after the first response? "Gunning"?

You are 100% right the Als will be gunning for 1st and I will be there to chear them on.I would have never dreamed that the Als would have even had a chance after the first 8 games but now anything is possible.

I'm looking forward to it. Classic matchup. Ticats trying to establish their passing game against one of the top pass defenses while Montreal tries to establish its running game against one of the top run defenses in the league. I'm favouring Hamilton by 3 but I don't think they will get the 8 points.