Since 2011 .....

After our 7 and 1 start in 2011 , we have stumbled to a 11 - 23 record. It's sad to say, but things seem to be getting worse. If we are going to blow it up , do it asap, so the new regime can evaluate this season and have a chance for next year. I like Burke and maybe he would slide back to the defensive side of things? We simply are not good enough, we grind a game out here and there, but are no threat to go on a winning streak.

OK, so if you think changes should be made ASAP who should go and who should they hire? It's easy to say time to make changes, but really what are your options if you make the move now? First off, your pool of prospective new coaches and/or GMs is limited because teams won't release any of their coaches or management to go to a new organization mid season. So you're left with hiring someone who is not coaching right now, and that's someone likely who's been fired and no one wants to hire at the moment, hiring someone new to the league (see Mtl Als 2013 version), or you're left with promoting from within, and who within the organization would make a good new HC or GM that can take over and improve things right away? Any new GM is going to have to start again with the scouting department and looking for new players. Kyle Walters is asst GM, do you really think hes ready or qualified to take over the top job? And as for promoting coaches from within mid season, that's what got us our current coaching staff and then you still need to scramble to replace the positional coaches that have been let go or moved up the food chain. The season is still young and there's room to improve. If not I think the changes are best made in the offseason, and early in the offseason.

I said 'if " key word if. If the organization chooses to stay the course and believes in what we have, then have to hope for the best. If the season becomes hopeless at the mid way point and the brass decides changes are in order, make the changes at that point. I think it’s beneficial for a new regime to see what they have and can evaluate , so time isn’t wasted in the new season. But you are right , whats out there !!