since 1990,free space on the bingo card

Well here we go again,looks like another long season for our Cats.But really what else is new?? Outside of a few seasons since 1990,the cats have been the free space on the bingo card.just consider since the 89 grey cup appearance,we have had 11 seasons of 10 or more losses,missed the playoffs 8 times and generally outside of 4 seasons(92,98,99,01)have fielded unbelievably horrible teams(6-12,3-15,4-14,2-16,1-17,5-13,4-14).Consider that before 1990 this franchise only missed the playoffs 3 times in their modern history(60,73,77),and yet no matter who the owner,general manager,coach is the results remain the same,makes you wonder if sombody placed the hex on this franchise??? :frowning: :? :x :oops: :thdn: :thdn:

And to think I ve seen every one of those games … OUCH … how bout an EXORCISM !!!

Hey the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were a hapless franchise in the NFL for decades. Once they brought in a new management team, new coach, new players, and an updated logo and uniform, they were Super Bowl champs shortly thereafter. It was all about changing the losing culture surrounding the franchise.

All hope is not lost Ticat fans. We are only 3 games in to the Dejardins/Taaffe regime. Let's give it at least a season before we start sacrificing chickens on the 55 yard line before the games.

Go Bucs, uh, I mean Ticats!

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Ummm! Chicken on the fifty.
Pat Lynch (a Homer in section 7 )

Maybe we shouldn't have fired Al Bruno mid-way through the 1990 season - after nearly winning it all the year before, and going to The Show 4 times out of 6 years. A record like that doesn't sound too bad right about now, does it?

A bitter, yet necessary pill for some of the toxic posters on this site to swallow.

Winning breads winners and losing breads losers. Like Paullywood says we are only 3 games into the Dejardins/Taaffe regime. Things will turn around. I've seen steady progess throughout the first 3 weeks and hope for more against the lions. We have a lot of good young talent on this team. I still have faith.

I like my bread with peanutbutter

As I’ve stated before. 3 games does not define a season. Certainly not the first 3 games after the turnover from last year.

I have faith and trust in the professionals. So hopefully this thread remains positive for as long as possible, before certain posters get their keyboards into it.

On a side note, even if we don’t win in B.C., stealing one in Winnipeg is most certainly a possibility. I think we’ll go 2-1 over the next three games.

Speaking of coach Bruno,who can ever forget his replacement Dave Beckham(worst coach in the history of the league1!!!!bar none)If memory serves me right,he took over in 90,with the team record at 4-7,finished with a 2-5 record,missed the playoffs,then went onto an 0-8 record to start the 91 season before being canned,kind of sums up where this team started to slide downhill.Six seasons later (97)we had the second worst coach in C.F.L history,who could ever forget Urban(renewal)Bowman??? Well what can I tell ya,we have been worse off than we are right now,we will eventually straighten this mess up,nowhere to go but up!!!! :twisted:

LOL,Ooooops I meant Dave Beckman