Simpson wants out of BC

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Adam Rita and Rich Stubler would be wise to stay close to their telephones on Feb. 15.

That's the day CFL players who have played out their options become free agents and start calling prospective new employers.

Rita, the Argonauts general manager, and Stubler, the team's defensive co-ordinator, will be hearing from Barrin Simpson, one of the league's top linebackers.

The 28-year-old confirmed yesterday in a phone interview from his home in Starkville, Miss., that the Argos are one of the teams he'll be contacting.

"It's a matter of speaking to all the teams on the 15th," said Simpson. "I feel there are six teams that would show some definite interest in me."

The 5-foot-11, 233-pounder has made it clear that he won't be returning to the B.C. Lions, the only team he's played for in his five-year CFL career. The perennial all-star also feels Calgary and Montreal would not have a spot for him.

Simpson is not only unhappy that the Lions switched from a 4-3 defence (four linemen and three linebackers with him in the middle) to a 3-4 setup, but that he was not informed of the change. "I didn't even know until two weeks before training camp. So I wasn't prepared to go to camp. I'd been training as if we were going to keep playing the 4-3," said Simpson.

The Argos employ the 3-4 defence, but Simpson said he'd like to speak to Stubler and see where he might fit in.

"I want to play within the defensive co-ordinator's scheme, but also play the way everybody loves to see Barrin Simpson play," he said.

"You can't change Damon Allen into a pocket quarterback or Dave Dickenson to a running quarterback. That's the sort of thing that was happening to me."

Rita was coach and general manager of the Lions when he brought Simpson, who had been cut by the NFL's New England Patriots, into the CFL. He later took over as head coach and Simpson said he enjoyed playing under Rita.

"He's one of the funnest coaches I ever played under. He was like, `I'm the guy that brought you here, so I believe in you. Just do what you have to do.'"

Yesterday, Rita re-signed Canadian wide receiver Andre Talbot to a four-year contract.

The 27-year-old Oshawa native and Wilfrid Laurier grad had his most productive season in 2005 with 48 catches for 679 yards and two touchdowns.

Rita still has six players � linebackers Mike O'Shea, Ray Mariuz and Antonious Bonner, offensive guard Jude St. John, receiver Mike Palmer and running back John Williams � to re-sign before the free agency deadline.

Read this story....funny though, no where does it say why he wants out!?

Read the bold.

.......why?, sg03, the question was why he wants out?..........

I hope the Riders take him. I think he would really do well in the Riders Defence. And we need a middle LB

it says WHY he wants out in the paragraph after the bold.

…that was last year though, you mean he suffered through an entire year of playing a 3-4 and NOW he wants out?..I dunno, that seems weird…it’s not like the 3-4 is an unusal style either…

hes mad cuz the change resulted in him not being named an all-star.

......mmmm, o.k., I'll buy that.......

oh why..... yeah sorry, I though it said where.....

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"I would not be comfortable going back to B.C. There are no hard feelings toward anybody. (Lions head coach/general manager) Wally Buono told me about a week before last year's training camp that the defence was changing, so I wouldn't be making as many plays as I used to. I didn't. And it was the first year I didn't make the all-star team. I like to think some teams would give me an opportunity to make plays.''

He'd be a perfect fit for Saskatchewan or Montreal. Both are looking for a MLB. Argos run a 3/4 defence so can't see him going there, and besides that who would the Argos bench or dump, O'Shea or Eiben? Don't see that happening. Hamilton might be a possibility, I'm not sold on Barrenechea, although for the life of me I can't figure out why the Tiger Cats don't give Hitchcock a shot at MLB; seems to me he'd be a natural for that spot rather than OLB or safety which is where they've been using him.

...look for Barrin to play in the west....he told the Bombers ..its not all about money...but rather where he feels comfortable with the d scheme....and the coaching...'s where it gets interesting....he's friends with Barret in Sask....but he is also a close friend of Harris....the yet to be announced 'd' coach in if Milt Steagal has done a good bit of 'ear bending' and convincing...I would say he is going to play for the BlueandGold...but I wouldn't rule out'll be interesting to see where this talented linebacker goes....wherever...he makes that team a heck of a lot stronger... :wink:

.......true enough.........he won't come here, we're pretty much set with Grace, White, Coe and Clark.......I can't see Edmonton interested either, unless contract talks with Gass don't go well.........yeah, either Sask or Winn for Mr. Simpson......

i hope he comes to sask.i have a brand new jersey i got for christmas and i have not
decided what name i want on it.i wanted to wait till after free agency.if they sign him
it will be simpson if not hunt or davis.

He will sign with Hamilton on Feb 15.

....not a chance...Winnipeg WILL announce his signing Feb. 16... :slight_smile:

Sorry Papa, he saw pictures of the mosquitoes in Winnipeg and decided Acid Rain in Hamilton was better! :wink:

Shivers has him rapped up

....yeah but Sportsmen....he beat a path out of Van. (MOST BEAUTIFUL CITY IN CANADA) I don't think geography will come into play....and anyways we do have shotguns for those pesky mosqs....I'm sure Barrin as an ordained minister... will see the light :lol: