Simpson told to stay away....

....I used to have a lot of respect for Barrin....however it's diminishing by the minute...He has appointed himself the welcoming committee for the new locker room guys and slamming the organization....I'm sorry...i don't care who you think you are...that is bull$hit...These guys coming into the Bomber fold are newbies..and impressionable...and the FUTRE...BARRIN YOU AIN'T...SO TAKE A HIKE....It was foolish of the Bomber brass to allow him to hang around, after he said he didn't want to be a part of this team anymore ( should've granted his wish for a trade last year)...After this latest incident i hope he sits on the pr for the rest of the year and ends his career...what an arse..The Bombers might decide to deal him if there's any takers...otherewise i think he's done...Apparently one of the vets. on the team overhead him crapping on the organization to Arthur and threatened to punch Simpsons lights out....Better stay away from Dougie ...Barrrin..Time to purge the team of this dissent.. :twisted:

And getting lost in this latest kerfuffle. . . is the fact that Joe Lobendahn is a pretty darn good MLB. . . thought he was one of the few bright spots on Sunday. . .

He seems to have the nerve to say the bombers may be a violation of the contract. Is he kidding! I heard the coaches show last night and Bob Irving was even wondering why he was allowed to stay around. I'm not a big fan of Kelly (I tried) but he has been fair to Simpson, and Simpson has been an a** in return.'re right MadJack...J-Lo is a good one and has a helluva future with the Bombers....He's young and one of the few who shows he hasn't quit on this team.... :thup:

That's the truth. I always liked Lobendahn in the middle anyway, thought he was a bit of a fish out of water as an OLB.

But look, it's for sure that Nelson and the defence have not quit. Sure they had a bad game against the Green Riders, but come on, every team has bad games from time to time.

Other than that one game, the Bombers' D has played tough and well. . . I don't believe anyone could accuse the likes of Doug Brown, Lobendahn, Shabazz, Charlton, Hefney, et al ever quitting on the team. They're class acts and darn good football players with way too much pride to quit, even if you make the argument (and many can) that Kelly's a moron.

Too bad Simpson didn't have the same class.

Jo-Lo didn't look too good before he got tossed in the Banjo bowl, played below his level in other games but rebounded nicely vs MTL. Too bad Simpsons attitude wasn't better, a bit surprising he would degrade the team to the new players considering he was apparently a great teammate after the injury last year working with Jo-Lo and Moreno. Simpson though was having a great rebound year up until the turf toe injury started slowing him down. Not surprising there is no "interest" in him since Kelly said a couple of weeks ago he would be released if he couldn't be traded. As a rival GM why would u give up an asset to acquire him, especially with his injury public record. Guess Simpson is just pushing buttons to get released. At this point might as well take any cap hit and let him go and move on to new drama/distractions.

Any good feelings I had for Simpson have pretty much been destroyed by this latest information.

The buttons he’s pushing won’t get him signed by any other team if he were released which I don’t think will happen. Since the Bombers have to pay him either way, they should just let him sit out the rest of the season.

...i think that's what's going to happen....any team waiting for a free gift this late in the year is dreaming in high definition...We've gone down that road too many times and quite frankly i'm sick of it....Bombers DO NOT have to apply Simpsons salary, for the rest of the year ,against the sms. IF he remains on the ir...I think that's the way it'll go UNLESS some team steps up with something worthwhile in trade...Otherwise it's ir time for the Barrin until he gets the gate.. :expressionless:

Got another report from Friesen at the Sun:

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have cleared out Barrin Simpson’s locker after the veteran linebacker had a locker-room run-in with defensive lineman Doug Brown, the Sun has learned.

Simpson had been on the outs with head coach Mike Kelly after demanding a trade a couple of weeks ago, but until now he’d been welcomed at practice.

That will change today, when the Bombers get back on the field to prepare for Saturday’s home game against Toronto.

The fact Simpson’s locker has been cleared out signals the end of his days around the team’s facilities.

....Simpson has just had his locker cleaned out....with help from Doug Brown...who quite politley showed him the door... :lol: So long Simpson great team player you... :thdn: sooner posted this and blue blood beat me to the're fast blue blood.... :thup: :lol:

No wonder he wanted out, can you blame the guy? Who in their right mind would wanna work with Kelly?

Anyone here in Winnipeg knows that if you have a run in with Doug Brown, YOU SCREWED UP!
Doug Brown is a true professional that keeps his nose clean from anything. This is not Kelly, this is Simpson and the truth of his unprofessionlism is starting to come out.

Every GM, coach & player in this league respects Doug Brown. If Simpson had a run in with him then they know Simpson must have done something seriously wrong. I doubt he will ever play another down of football. So, so sad.

...until Kelly manages to alienate him too, at which point he might speak up, get punted from the team, and have Kelly fanatics character-assassinating him, just like they're doing to Simpson right now. :roll:

Every GM, coach & player in this league respects Doug Brown.
How do you post ridiculously overblown statements like this without blushing? It is impossible for every GM, coach, and player in this league to have even MET Doug Brown, let alone know him well enough to respect him. Doug Brown is not a god. He's a human being who has off-days like anyone else. To brand Barrin Simpson as being in the wrong without even knowing word one of what was said in the locker room, based on nothing more than your inflated opinion of Doug Brown, is absurd. I'm not trying to offend here, but take off the Doug Brown Fanclub Helmet if you want to assess the situation with some degree of objectivity.

....You can't hang this all on Kelly....Simpson refused to play....dumps on the team...and is a pariah in the CFL as of now...Things could've gone so much better but Barrin chose to go the Armstrong way....dead-end for a great player....sad.. :expressionless:

Who's gonna be next?

Will it be their fault too?

....whatever ..... whoever doesn't want to play in BlueNGold....get gone....there's a lot of players who actually want to play for the Peg....we're slowly weeding out the ones that don't.....Makes for a better team :wink:

I think part of the problem in Winnipeg has been and is Doug Brown. He's been a great player ,still might be but there is a line between being a team leader and being management. IMO a player plays and management manages. I'm not saying Simpson doesn not wear some blame. But its not Doug Brown's business to decide what the roster should look like. It's not good for a locker room to have a snitch or brown this case a real Brown noser LOL!

...yeah that's why Doug Brown has so much respect from players and management alike....c'mon :lol: :lol: :lol:

I just can't think of another player in this league that is this involved in the "running" of the team. When Kelly said last week he just got a text from a player telling him WE are behind you coach. I knew right away it was Doug Brown :wink:

Jealousy is never logical... if you follow me? Is Doug Brown an amazing guy, absolutely but not everyone can be a Doug Brown.

There has been a press release by the Canadian Press concerning the latest circus development. It seems that Doug Brown made threats of violemce against Simpson. Went running to the head locker room bozo Kelly and snitched out on Simpson. Brown alleges that Simpson made disparging remarks about the Bombers to the new players from Calgary. Simpson stated he said nothing to the newcomers from Calgary. We may have a new troublemaker on our team by the name of Doug Brown. Barrin Simpson is a respected CFL veteren and an ordained Minister. Hard to believe that Barrin would be doing the bad mouthing. The only Bad mouthing and trash talk has been coming from Bauer and Kelly. And now this clown Doug Brown. Hey Doug, you have a radio program on CJOB. Will you be the next Moron who will refuse calls from an angry fan base. That is after they call you an Idiot.